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Default Re: [WAR VIII] The Knights of the Round Table; Truth, Honour, Nobility

Originally Posted by White Wolf of the Snow View Post
Vanessa, White Wolf, or WWotS. I prefer Vanessa.

Anything you can do:
Graphic Arts, URPG, *Wi-Fi, Fan Fiction, RP, **Half Spriting

One year of WAR expirience with TNS

Why You Want to Join:
magic kid930 [6:30 A.M.]: Have you got a team for WAR?
spiritwolf20098 [6:30 A.M.]: I'm sticking with TNS
magic kid930 [6:31 A.M.]: They're not entering
spiritwolf20098 [6:31 A.M.]: Dammit
spiritwolf20098 [6:31 A.M.]: Whoever made that decision better lock their doors
spiritwolf20098 [6:31 A.M.]: >.>
magic kid930 [6:31 A.M.]: Bryce did
spiritwolf20098 [6:31 A.M.]: >:O
magic kid930 [6:31 A.M.]: But, just incase you're looking for a team
magic kid930 [6:31 A.M.]: :3
spiritwolf20098 [6:32 A.M.]: lol I'll look
spiritwolf20098 [6:32 A.M.]: At it

For everyone's convinience. Bryce, don't look at that. I want to catch you with unlocked doors. :x


spiritwolf20098 [6:46 A.M.]: I will join
magic kid930 [6:46 A.M.]: Yaaay
spiritwolf20098 [6:46 A.M.]: Just to have a cool WAR Team
magic kid930 [6:46 A.M.]: Yaaay ^^
spiritwolf20098 [6:46 A.M.]: With cool WAR people
spiritwolf20098 [6:46 A.M.]: xD
magic kid930 [6:46 A.M.]: Yaaay ^^ ^^
spiritwolf20098 [6:47 A.M.]: What a Yaaay freak

I put the last part for fun. xD

*Occasionally. I can only do Wi-Fi at my dad's but my mom is the custodial parent. Every Wedsnday I can, though, and every other weekend.

**I can only do recolors and a few designs.


@Adam: If (I should) get approved lol I want one with a Suciune and Entei and shiny Ninetales on it. Three of my most favoritist mons. xD
:O At first I looked at this and thought 'Wow, SU freak alert' but then realised it was the chats making it so long. xP

Accepted! :D
MK + Trainer17 = Evil twins | MK + Leo = BFFs
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