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Default Re: [WAR VIII] The Knights of the Round Table; Truth, Honour, Nobility

Originally Posted by Elrond View Post
I made some slight alterations to my entry for the sprite contest, after playing around with the helmet a little.

Ok, edited :O

Originally Posted by metal sonic View Post
Sign Up Form
Name: Metal Sonic/ Cody
Anything you can do: Fan fiction, RP, drawing, Plat., Brawl.
Experience: Eh? What's this?
Why You Want to Join: 2 reasons; 1) My pair is in (WWotS) 2) Knights rox.
Experience is basically what past WARs have you been in. If you edit that to say, accepted! :D

Originally Posted by Ayra Calaenlen View Post
Name: Ayra Calaenlen [or Katelynn if you want my real name but yeah xD]
Anything you can do: Uhm, lets see... Spriting [I can provide examples if needed. I mainly specialize in scratching at the moment], roleplaying, coding [if you need a website? xD I dunno], writing, drawing, and I'm part of the URPG it's just I'm a terrible battler =P
Experience: No wars whatsoever =D; Unless you count the dreaded Kirby War but that's a story for another time.
Why You Want to Join: You can thank Spiderc for it =P *prods him* Also, I support female knights so WOO.
Bolded bit = auto-accept. xD

Yup, looks good. Accepted :D
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