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Arrow Re: Pokemon Puzzles! Test your problem solving skills.

Lol ok. I admit, it's an extremely hard one ( jk)

Pokemon puzzle #7: Blissey at your service
Blissey is holding a max revive to use on the Tyrogue. It can use the berries from the trees it was pruning to cure the paralysis and poisoning on Cleffa and Magby. Uses Sing to put the Wigglytuff to sleep so that it can use soft boiled on it. Softboiled on Cleffa and Magby too.

Pokemon puzzle #8: Do I Look Fat In This Honey?

Wow! You've bought your ticket for a pokemon contest exhibition. The contests are simply amazing! One in particular was very very hard to determine a winner untill the judges adjudicated their judgements. The contest was called simply, "Shortest Heavyweight". Basically whichever pokemon had the most weight per meter of height won. Nine contestants entered confident their own pokemon was the heaviest per meter, and each one showed their pokemon off proudly. The contestants were...

Scizor : Could his buff frame be the heaviest?
Swampert : 81.9 kg's of water is still alot of water!
Ampharos : Does static count for this pear shaped Dragon?
Steelix : Whoaaa!!! thats alotta steel baby!
Magcargo : Whats in that shell exactly?
Venusaur : Woohoo, look at that blubber fly!!
Exploud : Is this pokemon full of hot air?
Meganium : A dinosaur sized contender?
Nidoking : NidoKing of the fatties? Maybe.

That one should be easy :p One point
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