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Default Re: Behind the Eyes of Cipher [PG-13] ~Chapter 5 UP~

Chapter Six

2 Bellvine Way, Agate Village, Orre
Agate Mayor's Residence
Two days after present

Aurora Pierson shifted uneasily in her seat, watching as her father made his way to the front of the crowd. The old man's gray beard was long and thick with age. He was preparing himself to speak to the couple hundred villagers, who were presently bickering and talking loudly over each other, filling the room with clamor and a chaotic atmosphere. Aurora did nothing but sit and stare at her quivering fingers placed in her lap.
The mayor of Agate, Eagun, smoothed his beard and announced, "Silence. Please, calm yourselves."

When that failed to do anything, he coughed loudly. "SILENCE!" he finally roared. The villagers' voices died away into a still quiet. Several of them sat down, their attention averted from squabbling.

Eagun cleared his throat and glanced at Aurora momentarily. His eyes were dull with anxiety and worry, much like Aurora knew hers were.
"Villagers of Agate," his raspy voice began. "I know you all are frightened at the events that have occurred recently. Though I cannot say that I am not afraid, I must implore you to calm yourselves. Worry and fear will only make the matter worse." Aurora heard a light sob from someone in the crowd.

Another spoke up. "Eagun, there's no way this could get worse! The Pokemon have been stolen!" A dark murmur of whispers and moans spread quickly through the crowd. The man who had spoken up continued. "They've taken the very essence of the Relic Stone, Eagun!"
"I know that," Eagun replied wearily. "How do you think they carried out such a feat? They had to battle me, and they won. Against me and all the guardians of the Shrine." He bowed his head, and Aurora coulddimly make out the glistening of tears. "I fear... I fear that they may have critically injured the spirit of Celebi. Maybe not intentionally, but that's not the matter."
An infuriated, shocked gasp echoed in the villagers' voices. More shrieks and sobs.
Eagun raised his old head, and his beard swayed. "But villagers, we must have hope. Hope may get the village Pokemon back, and it may save Celebi from their further actions."

"But who are they, Father?"

Aurora's velvety, striking voice was tinged with clear uncertainty and dread. Eagun gazed directly into her eyes.
"I don't know, Aurora. I simply do not know." He sighed, a deep hum coming from his throat. "They called themselves Cipher."

More restless whispers; more apprehensive weight-shifting. Aurora blinked and lowered her head to once more stare at her lap. Her eyebrows furrowed together into a deep scowl. You... I remember you. Of Cipher... she thought, clenching her hands into fists. Her fingernails nearly pierced her skin. I'll find you. And you will pay... you will pay dearly for what you've done.


Citadark Isle
Cipher Headquarters

"Vicksworth... assigned to Zone 5, objective Realgam Tower. Celrod... assigned to Zone 4, objective Phenac City. Manor... assigned to Zone 1, objective the Outskirts. Stone... assigned to Zone 3, objective Pyrite Town. James... assigned to Zone 6, objective Gateon Port."

As Neccer barked the rough commands, he was returned, from each of the executives, a brief salute. Caiden's rigid face showed no agitation as Cipher's second-in-command stopped in front of him, the last in line. Neccer's glaring, severe figure towered over Caiden's. "And Hester... assigned to Zone 2, objective Agate Village." Nodding, Caiden swung his straightened hand to his forehead and back in compliance. Neccer stood back and examined every one of the zone leaders, or commanders.

"As you all know, I will be taking care of Zone 0, Orre's Key Science Lab; Commander Alden and Commander Pryce will be in control of Zone 7, Mt. Battle. Each of you will have many recruits, so you should be able to carry out orders in the utmost precision. Is this understood, commanders?"
"Sir, yes sir." The line saluted once more. Neccer nodded curtly, and promptly dismissed them all to prepare.

In the last month, Caiden - as well as some of the other executives around the battle facilities - had been preparing himself for this day. He had trained himself not to give in to those strange, absurd thoughts; to instead disregard them completely. He became even more solid than he was before. His learned students, as well as the shadow Pokemon he trained, were developing into swift, sharp battlers. He had trained an excellent section of the army, for the most part. After Neccer relayed Lord Kishiro's instructions, Caiden was sure his zone would be able to accomplish what needed to be done.

But that was not important now. What was important - to Caiden, at least - was preparing for the unexpected, and setting up the base. The Kishiro family, beforehand, had owned many houses and manors in Orre before leaving them all for Citadark Isle; one of them was a small worker's shack in Gateon Port, where Caiden had once gone seeking help from a Cipher agent. Thus, Cipher could easily renounce the abandoned buildings and do whatever they wanted with them. Ideally, establish several zone headquarters, which was what Caiden and the other commanders intended to do.

Caiden immediately made his way to the sector of the subordinates' chambers, where all Pokemon encaged had been successfully transformed. Though Caiden had thought there were many upon his first arrival there, he had different feelings now, after a year or so. There are too little of them. If they're to be our weapons, they must be in numbers. Smirking at them in a satirizing manner, Caiden strode down the hall of shrieks and roars toward the elevator. He slid his new, pure white card key that immediately granted him access to any secret, unknown place in the Headquarters. When the elevator dropped suddenly, Caiden was undaunted.

"Commander Hester," called one of the scientists nearby, approaching him with a slightly hobbling walk. "I have your subordinate combat partners. Yours are right this way." Following, Caiden let his gaze wander. The shadow Pokemon laboratory was nothing like it was when he'd first been there. It was brimming with shadow Pokemon, but no longer were they suspended in the columns of green fluid. Instead, they were being physically and emotionally tested, so as to make them stronger.

"This way." the scientist called. "Through this door."
"I heard you," Caiden growled. "Just walk, you filthy minor." The grubby scientist seemed to shrink away at Caiden's voice. He instead tried to walk faster, but eventually Caiden passed him and nearly slammed open the door ahead. Inside, silver-and-crimson pokeballs were placed carefully on racks upon racks. The room was small, but the amount of Shadows stored inside it amounted to a massive power. Caiden grinned once more. "You are dismissed."

"Yes, sir..." the scientist mumbled, hobbling away. Caiden rolled his eyes and the sight of the pathetic man, and he turned back to examine the separate racks, recalling his specific Shadows for the mission. Row Z2, from Z2-1 to Z2-16... there. Storing the pokeballs in his large case, Caiden left with the thought that sixteen shadow Pokemon was somewhat of a challenge. Although, this is Agate Village he wants me to do...

Heading back to his room with the Pokemon in tow, Caiden unexpectedly found himself reminiscing about being a subordinate. It was terrible, exhausting work, and he'd hated it. But it had gotten him to his current position. Work pays off anywhere, I suppose, he thought as two subordinates walked by him, nodding respectfully. Caiden averted his gaze and continued on toward the executive sector. He was hardly able to sleep, once again, as he thought about setting off for the mainland. His line of vision kept falling on the case of pokeballs that would soon be at his command. But this time, for greater things.

And only a day later, Caiden was leading a group of Cipher grunts to the Sierra, Lord Kishiro's primary traveling ship. It was used every once in a while, as the Kishiro family - especially the lord's wife - enjoyed visiting mainland Orre. I wonder if they make aliases, Caiden thought, bowing his head slightly. For a while, he watched his agents file onto the massive ship. A faint, crooked smirk tugged at his cheeks. In any case, they won't be needing one anymore. Once Cipher was totally accounted for onboard, the Sierra took off without so much as the blast of a horn. It moved silently and quickly through the waters, like a snake moving in on its prey.


As soon as Caiden opened the pokeball, his stomach flipped violently with surprise and shock. His body shuddered, eyes narrowed. Why... why is it always...? He was extraordinarily irritated by Neccer's poor choice of his own lead, but this was Cipher's first, and most likely only real mission. The Blaziken would have to do.

"Brrraaaooo," the flaming Pokemon growled quietly. Its red body shivered, not with cold, but with the same irritation as Caiden felt. Though Caiden tried not to look at it straight on, the Pokemon bore the same formidable expression as it always did. It seemed to say, tell me you're my superior, and I'll rip you open, because you know better. Caiden glanced at the Blaziken briefly, scowling, before he returned the Shadow inside the pokeball. He focused his stare on his segment. They were lined up in two organized rows, waiting for his command.

Caiden forced away the image of the intense red eyes, which seemed to be burning its image into his brain, and began. He singled out six of the fourteen in front of him. "You six, you'll go straight from here in the forest toward Agate. You'll ambush from the back and spread throughout the village."
"Yes, sir." Immediately, they were off, their Shadows bolting through the crowded forest.

Caiden's arm swept to the middle section. "You four will split into pairs and go through the sides. There's a waterfall at our left. One pair will enter through here, staying hidden until you've reached the targets."
Another round of nods and yes sir's, and the four agents were off. Caiden knew he could trust them, as two of them he was somewhat familiar with. They were lower-class executives from the battle training grounds.

He bore a cold stare into the final four. "And you will come with me. We will circle the village and enter from the front, so as to distract the villagers from those ambushing the back." He paused to organize his thoughts. "There, they will take care of the Relic Stone, as Lord Kishiro commanded it so. Understood?"
"Commander, yes sir."
"Good. Follow me and do not stray."

It only took some time before Caiden and his four agents heard the fierce sounds of battle. Faint at first, but still imminent, the screeches and gasps of staggered humans reached Cipher's ears. Roars, snarls, and battlecries of the Shadows had clearly stunned the villlagers more than they could have imagined. The captive Pokemon whined and cried and protested, but as Caiden could hear, it was all to no avail. As Caiden continued on, the sounds only increased. His heart began to beat faster with adrenaline, but there was something else. A misted feeling that Caiden could not place...
Oh Caiden... our goodbye was too short.
He stopped abruptly, bearing huge and mystified eyes, causing his subordinates to mumble amongst each other. Quickly, one of them spoke up. "Commander? Is there a problem?"

The voice, and the strange feeling of sympathy and regret, did not return to Caiden's mind. He shook his head, snorting.
"We'll be on our way. Quickly, let's get moving."
The Cipher agents weaved through the dense forest surrounding Agate. The noises coming from the village were the only thing Caiden heard. He fought the emotions that heaved his stomach, telling them that they were wrong, that he was their upper. They do not control me... not a commander. Caiden hastened his pace and saw the main, rugged path. Nearby, they could clearly see the sign that read, "Welcome to Agate Village". His subordinates followed his lead as Caiden released the Blaziken, tearing off toward the village. Caiden's heart beat furiously and was fueled by uncontrollable feelings. Wherever they came from, their energy would do the work.

The five Cipher agents poured in through the village's humble entryway, their shadow Pokemon howling and yipping with delight. The subordinates tried to control the Shadows as they leaped onto small buildings and harassed the people. Caiden's Blaziken mocked him as it pranced in front of him, leading the way. The Pokemon would screech and let loose a small flame in warning to anyone who got to close. Thus, the villagers quickly realized that they should fear Caiden and his Blaziken the most.

As he quickly made his way through the village, zigzagging through small huts and buildings, he saw the captive Pokemon being taken away by the Cipher agents. Most of the agents fled the village with the captive Pokemon, while the rest were headed for the Relic Stone, just as planned.

Blaziken growled and leaped up a ledge, spotting the entryway to to the shrine where - as Caiden knew now - the Relic Stone stood proudly. Fuming, he found a way to agilely leap over a small brook and up the ledge through its flanks. Blaziken and six of the remaining Cipher agents stood, holding their battle position.

"Who... who do you think you are, you fiends?" A raspy, aged voice came to Caiden's ears. It blocked out the other noises, something that he had desperately tried to do so before. He approached the voice slowly and heard the rabble of his subordinates.
"Give up, old man. You're surrounded and I have already symbolized the power of Cipher for you." One of the Cipher agents smirked cruelly. An old man, with heavy eyes and a thick, gray beard, was doubled over on the ground. Few other villagers were surrounding him; most of them were all too terrified to speak.

One was a girl around Caiden's age. As he glanced around, he saw her fixing green eyes glare back at him. But in a way that he'd never encountered; it was as if she and him were the only two people on the entire planet, and she was banishing him from his very existence. It was enthralling, yet terrifying at the same time. Caiden stared blankly in wonder.

"We don't have any need for him, let's go," a familiar voice muttered. Caiden was abruptly thrown out of his daze when his line of vision landed on Helen's masked face. "Commander Hester... he'll be waiting."
Holding his grin, the first agent responded, "You're lucky I didn't get to beat your face into the ground, hm? So stubborn..."
"Stop," Caiden growled. "Is everything accounted for?"
The subordinates nodded briefly. "Yes, sir."
"Then pull back, sector two." Immediately, the rest of the Cipher agents bolted away in different directions, Pokemon in tow. They'd all returned their shadow Pokemon except Caiden. He ignored the Blaziken, who trailed behind the agents to ward off anyone or anything who tried to oppose. As expected, no one dared to chase after Caiden and his sector.

An unexpected bellow echoed in Caiden's ears. "No... no! You can't... please!" The old man lay behind them, the amplitude of his voice decreasing as Cipher escaped the village. Caiden glanced behind him and saw Blaziken, tearing toward the front of the line. "PLEASE!" Sprinting as fast as he could now, Caiden winced. Though they easily made it back to the Zone 2 HQ, Caiden was nevertheless disturbed.

The same ghostly clear voice:
Caiden, you can't keep doing this.
How well that voice joined in with the flurry of other forgotten voices in his mind, his mother a prominent figure. And how well that girl mixed together with the images of the people who hated him beyond hate, as he'd thought the scientist, Helen, had since the struggle of taming the Shadows. These two, and countless more, were the voices of the emotions that Caiden blocked out entirely, to keep from being expelled from his position. Loss of control could lead to something unthinkable, and he knew it. I am their master. They follow my commands. Caiden's pulse raced faster than any adrenaline rush he'd felt before.
"This is getting to be out of hand... no, it can't go that way..." he murmured to himself, shivering slightly. Caiden ground his teeth together and squeezed his eyes shut, shaking it all away.

The fiery shadow beast stood silently in the background. It had not been returned to its pokeball yet. The Blaziken shied away from the Cipher agents but watched Caiden with the most passioniate and ferocious eyes. The shadow Pokemon could easily smell the fear and instability in Caiden's presence. Of course, it was as always. The Blaziken had since found that its commander was nothing more than a sorry heap of emotion. Yet, its glare seemed to have lessened in disdain and contempt.

Inside the temporary headquarters, Caiden and the Blaziken stood at opposite sides of a large room, at opposite ends of a large foodchain. But often this position changed and switched back and forth. One the leader, the other subordinate...


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