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Default Re: Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback

Originally Posted by Orange_Flaaffy View Post
But still, if it is the character visualizing a story being told I think it would flip over to 3rd person... My main character is very vocal in her mind, so it would otherwise have her talking to herself about things, and for this I would rather the scene and the mood just speak for itself. This wouldn't be a common thing, and it would not be like it still isn't in her pov in a fashion, since it would still be limited... It is sort of like when someone tells you only certain things about what they know, you would know no more of the details than they knew, and then that would get run though how you saw the world, without knowing any history to put it in prospective...
Well, it's your choice of course. I don't know the exact situation, so I can't say, but that's just the general rule <_< Like Neo said, I doubt you would ever want to change the person except at the beginning or end.

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