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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG just in case] - Chapter seven revived the sto


“If there’s one thing I know,” I was told whilst trying to hear over the noise, “it’s that, explosives? ...They solve everything.”


My mane and tuft were blown back like a pidgeotto using gust right in front of me. Brown ears and a long tail next to me were also blown backwards as the explosion caught us off guard.

Once it stopped, I felt kind of disappointed, staring at the result. “...It didn’t do anything...”

The raichu with an insanely creepy grin on his face turned to me inch-by-inch, and I withdrew my head with a frown—however, I thought of it to be a little funny. “Well then...” His face returned to normal, “we’ll just....TRY AGAIN!!” Immediately the sack came back out and a bomb almost too large for Pokol’s paws was suddenly under my black nose.

“UHH!” I interrupted, raising my voice before he set it off. “Maybe we should try something different.”

Pokol’s face formed a little bit of a frown. “What? Why?” He shoved it closer to me. “Explosives!!”

“Well,” I started, “this is the thirteenth one. And they don’t exactly seem to be working.” I tried working my way around my words with a particular tone, trying not to offend him.

“Oh... Oh well!” He threw the bomb and grinned once more as it hit the wall and exploded.

This time I was actually pushed back a little. “Woah...” I muttered. ‘I think that one was a little stronger...’

“The bigger, the better!” Pokol chuckled.

“You have fun with that,” I laughed, and smiled in a funny way as I searched with my eyes for any sign of Raiys. ‘That freaking quilava is the master of evasion...’ I couldn’t see him anywhere. ‘It would help if I was taller. ...Maybe he can turn invisible. Or perhaps he flew away.’ I amused myself with odd thoughts, making my way through the difficult crowd and to the back of the crate. ‘If I can’t find him to help me come up with a plan, then I should may as well think about it myself.’ I padded across the mucky, now-stained floor and reached the back. I found a vaguely clean spot to sit, and I inhaled deeply. ‘Now...think! It seems pokémon proof from the inside, just like the cages we were in... But... The cages weren’t as strong on the outside... Huh.’ I gave a smirk. “I think I just found my solution...”

“Solution to what?” I spun around to the sound of a voice.

“Uhh... Oh, hey! You’re that guy from before.”

“Heh, yes. I’m ‘that guy’,” the black pokémon replied.

“You got a name?” I asked unenthusiastically.

“Hakumei. Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, ditto. I’m Dusty.” We sat there for a little while longer, and then the shiny umbreon decided to speak.

“I hope the solution you’ve got is one to get us out of here,” he mentioned, sitting back down.

“Actually...yes.” I nodded, and before he could ask what it was, I cleared my throat. “Well, I reckon if we could get to the outside of the crate without the Rockets knowing, we could break it open.” Hakumei nodded, but it slowed. “You know how the cages were unharmed by any pokémon attack from the inside?”

“...Yes,” he replied.

“And we could easily melt them down on the outside. They must have some sort of unbreakable, invisible force fields or something. I think it’s the same for the inside and out of this crate.”

“Smart theory,” Hakumei stated, raising his brow.

“Thanks... If it doesn’t work, I don’t know what will,” I mumbled, turning away. “It’s all I got, really.”

“It’s worth a shot,” he shrugged, but I couldn’t tell whether or not he was sceptical of my plan’s legitimateness.

“Yeah...” I turned my head and asked, “Do you have a trainer?”


“...So you know what it’s like to be separated from her...” I looked down, eying the floor. “Or him, if it’s a male.”

“For me it’s different. I spend endless hours away from my trainer all the time,” he told me, and I gasped.

“Wh-what? But why? Don’ like her?”

He gave a chuckle and shook his head. “She’s a Monogatari Karei. I help her out in protecting the world from disastrous things – such as Team Rocket – and sometimes that means we have to be apart.” I widened my eyes, developing many questions. “If those low-life humans hadn’t managed to capture me, most of them wouldn’t be here right now.”

“ she’s a Mona...a Mona...what?”

“Monogatari Karei.”

“Oh... What are” I rolled my eyes, giving up on the pronunciation. “What are they?”

Hakumei chuckled a little. “The Monogatari are the race that was created by the Original One to protect the Legendaries from anything and everything,” he explained.

“Ahh... Wow, protecting the Legendaries? How do they do that? How could a human... Protect such powerful pokémon?” I asked, finding it very interesting.

“They are all partly pokémon—not entirely human. They can morph into the pokémon that they have the DNA of.” He must have stopped to grin when my eyes widened—along with my mouth. “Mitsumae is part umbreon. She has umbreon ears and an umbreon tail. She can also morph into one.”

“Wow... But... I’ve never seen them before. If they’re supposed to protect every Legendary... Shouldn’t they be everywhere?” I asked. Even though I had travelled all over the world, I hadn’t ever seen one.

“...They used to be...” he mourned with sadness to his tone.

“...Wadda ya mean?” I questioned, a serious face soon coming on.

“They... All but Mitsumae and one of her friends were wiped out...”

“WHAT?! The whole race?!” I exclaimed.

“The whole race...”

My eyes froze on his. I was finding this a little hard to believe. “Who would do...such a horrible thing?”

“...There are many evil people out there. And some Monogatari who strive to be the best... And go to extremes to get what they want...” The umbreon lowered his head. I had a feeling that he was friends with some of the pokémon protectors who had passed away due to unfortunate events.

Suddenly I had a change of heart. All humans should not be treated the same, as I had previously questioned. Some deserved to suffer. “Well,” I began, interrupting the silence, “I have a plan.” The umbreon turned to me, seeming to let go of the conversation we had just had. “Ghost pokémon can travel through things, right?”

“Yes. But mostly things that aren’t living., for instance. Only skilled ghost pokémon can travel through other pokémon or humans.”

“Excellent...” I snickered, a sneaky smile appearing on my face. Turning away from Hakumei, my eyes darted around the room. ‘Tall pokémon, tall pokémon...’ I squinted, pulling a paw up to my nose as the continuous stench floated my way. But since a lot of pokémon in the crate were taller than me, I couldn’t exactly see that well. However, I wasn’t bogged for long. ‘Ah huh! Luck’s coming my way...’ I smiled, spotting somebody who I had met earlier. I squeezed between several pokémon, both diminutive and higher-standing than me, and leaped onto a brown shoulder after pushing off. I barely managed to land without falling off, and my claws hooked onto the fur under my paws. “Hey, Luck!” I exclaimed into a somewhat small, rounded ear.

At first the normal type was startled and I could tell that he was about to defend himself, but when he realised that it was me, he sighed, putting a paw to his chest. “You gave me a start,” the bear-like pokémon explained, chuckling a little afterwards. His voice was reasonably deep—suiting the large creature he was.

“Hah, I’m good at that,” I mentioned, hearing another chuckle from my adult-aged friend as he brought a great paw up to my head and started scratching me behind the ear with a large claw. I smiled, my nose-end lifting and my tail wagging. After a few seconds, he stopped scratching me, and I scrambled further up onto his shoulder, then slumped over it with my legs hanging either side. I laughed at this, since I couldn’t be bothered standing up—or anything proper like that. The forest-dweller smiled. “Oh,” I then realised, remembering why I came to see him in the first place. “I need a favour!”

“Yes? Anything for releasing me.” His yellow muzzle continued holding that same smile.

“First, I need you to come to the back of the crate, please.” With a nod and no hesitation, the ursaring who I was still slung over began to make his way to where I was sitting before with Hakumei. I could see that the umbreon hadn’t moved, and he was seated as he watched me.

Every step was a thump against the wood, and I felt somewhat excited to be so high up. I could see much more from up where I was, providing a good overview of most of the crate. As he stopped, I let Luck know that I wanted him in the centre of the back wall, because I was going to make a speech. He happily agreed, striding to where I desired. “Is here alright?”

“Yep! Here’s great; thanks,” I answered. The pokémon came to a halt, standing upright and high.

“Um, excuse me, everyone!” I tried to yell over the noise. However, only a few pokémon – one being Hakumei – turned to look at me. “Hey!” But it still didn’t work. Trying once more, I called, “HEEEYY!” Again only a few pokémon stopped to turn, and their attention disintegrated as they went back to what they were doing. I frowned, drawing a deep breath. “...SHUUUT UUUPP!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. About twenty pokémon realised and faced my direction. Twenty. OUT OF HUNDREDS. As the chatter continued, I couldn’t help but to frown with dissatisfaction. If nobody would listen to me, I wouldn’t be able to explain my plan to everyone. “HELLO?!” I tried again—but with the same results. Pokémon here and there who had chosen to listen to me had turned away, but others still paid me the attention I required. “Luck,” I moaned, wearing a disappointed facial expression, “they’re not listening...”

“Would you like me to try?” he offered delightfully. I thought that might work—considering his species was the stereotypical scary monster, and I had a feeling he could be pretty loud when he wanted to.

“Awright,” I decided quickly, trusting him to take care of it. I bent my ears down, knowing that Luck if I didn’t I might walk away with burst ear drums, and I braced myself.

With extreme power and volume, a mighty roar just about shook the whole crate. Pokémon all around us squealed and made an effort to cover their ears—however long, short or colourful they may have been. It echoed throughout my head, knocking me off Luck’s shoulder and onto the floor after I had squirmed in midair. I landed with a thump on my left side behind the ursaring, and I had the wind knocked right out of my chest as I stared across the floor in front of me—which was covered in waste that I would rather not have seen.

The roar stopped when Luck realised that I had slipped off his shoulder, and he quickly shifted his head down to me.

“Oh dear!” he called, reaching down. I managed to take in a small breath before being picked up, and Luck looked me in the eyes with worried ones of his own. “Are you alright? I’m sorry, little Dusty!”

It took me a few seconds to inhale properly once again, and when I could, I uttered, “It’s fine...”

He was still holding me with his two paws when he turned around to the sound of an angry pokémon. “What’s the big idea?!” one called from near the back. He was a male kricketune—I could tell by his ridiculous, long moustache (as well as his voice).

“You could’ve made me step on a smaller pokémon!” a vigoroth yelled, her white body standing out in the middle of the crowd.

“While you’re deafening us, we’re trying to deal with the loss of our trainers!” exclaimed a yanma, his wings beating at a very fast speed whilst his large, green head moved with sudden movements.

Most of the pokémon then began to yell and chant, agreeing with the three comments. But before their attention moved on completely, I managed to stand up and frown at them all.

“Hey! Don’t have a go at him! I asked ‘im to get your attention.”

“Well how about you keep your LOUD EXPRESSIONS to yourself?!” answered the kricketune again, throwing a thin arm up in the air as he spoke. Pokémon around him all roared with support.

“How about you keep your jerk-like opinions to yourself?!” I retorted, unable to resist. I puffed my chest up.

The kricketune stopped hi-fiving the surrounding pokémon, and he stared at me. “What did you say?”

“Oooo!” the crowd around him bellowed.

“Oh, bloody hell—I don’t have time for this!” I boomed, catching some of the front row pokémon off guard. “Don’t you all get it? We have to get outta here before those Team Rocket jokers find out we’ve escaped our cages!” I yelled, silencing the stupid lot of pokémon.

“What, and you’ve got a plan?” questioned a shuckle in the front row.

“YES!” I snapped, making the pokémon’s head withdraw into her shell. “As a matter of fact...that’s why I wanted your attention.” I stopped to rain evil eyes onto those few who were still showing disrespect. “I know you all want your freedom, and so do I. So how about zipping your lips and listening?”

“How do we know this isn’t a bogus idea?” questioned anther pokémon, and I sighed audibly.

“You’ll just have to listen.” Finally all chatter subsided as the creatures became increasingly interested in what I had to say. It was all about them, clearly, so if they were going to benefit from what I had to offer, then they were going to pay attention. If not, then they were about to set out on their pathway to doom.

Sorry for the long wait. I had a writer's block for quite a while.
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