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Default Re: Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback

I started a fanfiction not too long ago called House, P.C. It's a fanfiction combining many elements of House and Pokémon, and shows my view of what a Pokémon hospital would be if it were more like House, and less like just sticking PokéBalls into a machine and your Pokémon being healed. My "season one" for House, P.C. is described, in a nutshell, like this;

House suddenly finds himself in Saffron City, Kanto, when his life is revolutionized, and he becomes a Pokémon doctor devoted to saving the lives of innocent Pokémon. Filled with new and old characters, the Pokémon Center will be seen from House’s point of view, which can always be an adventure.

The fanfiction is rated PG/PG-13, but I don't remember any part of the fanfiction where it got PG-13 bad, but my guess is that it will, because it's pretty early, and I'm working my way up, not being a doctor an all. I have been given a four star rating, so that hopefully means that my fanfiction is good to an extent, and I hoped by posting here that it would get a little more attention. I posted a House, P.C. Berry Dex and a Master Disease list (plus a couple of other things that you may want to check out) on the second post, along with all of the chapters. Recently, I have posted part one of the fifth chapter, Ratatouille.

If you'd like to check it out, you can click here or my House, P.C. banner in my signature.
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