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Default Re: Not Another Generic Tourney Round 1

Tourney Battle!


3 vs 3
No Helds
Normal Terrain
Normal Weather
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
OHKO Clause

Adam: [Garchomp, Weavile, Ambipom]
Poke123: [Electivire, Spiritomb, Toxicroak]

Electivire was killed the first turn from an Earthquake, but Spiritomb managed to down the beastly dragon with a few Hidden Powers and a Sucker Punch. Spiritomb's Will-o-Wisp missing on Weavile really cost him the match. The Swords Danced Weavile just Ice Punched to victory then.

Adam: $2,000 + Moves on + Keeps Ambipom and chooses BM Fake Out
Poke123: $1,000 + Kicked out

I should get $2,000.

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