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Default Re: Mike's Reffing Book

Rustboro Gym Battle
Leader MarshyMallow vs Xalapeno
3 vs 3
Revolution Rules
No Items

MM: Aerodactyl, Tyranitar, Rampardos
Xalapeno: Ursaring, Jolteon, Porygon-Z

MarshyMallow played this very well, I was really impressed. He did have a little bit of luck, but he still needed to play very well to gain the win. And he did. Can't think of anybody in URPG who'd have played it better. Was a pleasure to ref.

MarshyMallow defends his gym with succes, and gets $2000.
Xalapeno loses, and gets $1000.

I should get $1500 for reffing.
Paid till here.

"gengar is a fart" imsocorn (4:08:55): Is that your way of saying "and not a single **** was given that day" ?

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