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Default Re: [WAR VIII] The Knights of the Round Table; Time to Vote!

Ok, I'm gonna bring up a few points in this post.



Sorry these are late ^^;

Well, only 2 people entered, unfortunately. But, Adam and I still had to pick a winner, so we decided that the winning sprite who will be our new mascot is...




It was very close, but we thought that Elrond's was just a tad better. DoM, yours was really good, and at the moment, I'm sensing some good points coming from the Sprite part of WAR.

Well done, Elrond! ^^


Secondly, just a quick notice, if you notice anyone hasn't been quite active recently, if you could just drop them a PM or VM to post here and let us know that they're still active, that'd be great! :D


Finally, it seems that some people aren't liking who we're accepting into the Team and are threatening to quit. Because of this, Adam and I have decided that we're going to be stricter from now on concerning who we accept.

No-one is getting booted out without a valid reason, however, so if you don't like someone in the team, then quite frankly, suck it up or leave. If we win WAR, that will be fun, but I don't want people threatening to leave if we don't kick out the "nubs" who will "stop us from winning". :x
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