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Default Re: The Metal Legion v2.0

Waking Into Nightmares

The NWOTM is catching on like wildfire, with bands such as Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Evile, and of course Warbringer. After their debut 'War Without End' released in 2008, I was hooked. The riffs pounded out by this band are a marvel to the ears. The high quality of each and every song is astounding, and I find it incredibly hard to find any metalhead who dislikes this album. Now, with all of that being said I had high expectations of their sophomore album 'Waking Into Nightmares'. Does it disappoint? Read on to find out.

'Waking Into Nightmares' starts out with a fast paced, in your face old school Thrash track entitled 'Jackal'. You are immediately engulfed in a sea of intense drum work and shredding guitars, mixed in with the intense shouting of lead vocalist John Kevill. This song is definitely true Thrash, with corny, but brutal lyrics included! Don't believe me? "An eye for an eye, will make the whole world blind! Still, I want you to die!" The song also has an incredibly kickass guitar solo in it, performed by lead guitarist John Laux, and it is truly a great way to start off the album.

You are next thrown into a personal favorite of mine, entitled 'Living in a Whirlwind'. It has some powerful and fast paced riffs in it, but one of the things that will draw your attention from the start is the thumping double bass of drummer Nic Ritter. He truly is a step up from their last drummer, whose name is not important.

The third track (and first single from the album) is entitled 'Severed Reality'. The main riff for this track is hypnotic, and once again the double bass of the drums is present (and perfect, I might add).

The first three tracks grab your attention like no other, but if you are thinking that all of this "would be stale" and that they have no "variety in the album" (complaints that idiots made regarding the first album) then you shall be surprised with the track 'Nightmare Anatomy' which is a slower, more melodic instrumental track that really is a nice break from the onslaught of aggression you will hear throughout the whole album.

In all honesty, this is truly a great Thrash album from an up and coming band that looks to have a big future ahead of them. I cannot find many flaws with this album, only the fact that while some songs are amazing, others are just average. Don't let you turn that off of this album (and I won't let it run the score down much), however. If you are a first time listener to Thrash Metal, this is a great album to pick up.

Give these tracks a listen:

-Living in a Whirlwind
-Severed Reality
-Abandoned by Time
-Nightmare Anatomy
-Prey for Death

Overall score: 95%
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