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Default Re: Adrenaline's Reffing Book


13 People
No Held Items
No Perish Song
No Evasion Moves
No Sleep Moves
No OHKO Moves
Wonder Guard is banned
Hit all moves hit one
Special Rule: Dual type Pokemon may change one of their types to any other type (ex: Charizard to a Fire/Grass type is allowed. Charizard to a Water/Grass type is not allowed.)

Kitty-chan with Arbok: $1,000
Michael with Gengar: $1,000
-Adam- with Kingdra: $1,000
Brizer with Slowking: $1,500
-PK with Walrein: $2,000
Eraizaa-kun with Gallade: $2,500
Moon Master with Kingdra: $3,000
Eeveedude with Espeon: $3,500
Husnain with Gengar: $4,000
gun6 with Ditto: $4,500
Haze with Gengar: $5,000
TheFrozenPrince with Gengar: $5,500
iReign with Kingdra: $6,000

I should get $6,500 for reffing.

Salary: $34,500
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