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Originally Posted by ultimate_ryou View Post
I'm not quite sure. It was for fire red in 06, 07, I'm not sure about the date. I've kept on to it. It's LVL 70. I caught it myself on navel rock/ island, so it's not in a cherish ball.
I think it is a Navel Rock Lugia:
Confirm please and I have to check if already have one of those before answering about the trade.

Originally Posted by Skippy the Great View Post
What is the nature of your Jirachi? If it is Jolly, I want it. Also, would like to trade for your Shinies Ho-Oh and Lugia. Click the Shop Thread link in my sig. to see what I have to offer.
Give me 10 minutes and i will tell you the nature, i don't have the ds with me right now. About the other two i will take a look at the thread and tell you soon.

Edit: Jirachi's nature is bold
What about this:
Shiny Lugia - UT Akiyama Slaking, Adamant, Lvl 50
Shiny Ho-oh- UT (WCS) Milotic, Bold, Lvl 50

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