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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG just in case] - Chapter eight time!

One of the pokémon in the cages that was liberated was the grass type. She stood up cautiously and then slipped out of the cage, the two other pokémon having exited before her, and she seemed happy to be out. Instead of thanking the haunter, the pokémon ran straight to a large buff coloured pokémon. The feline pokémon strode out of his cage, acting like he was of high importance and shook off, closing his eyes as he did so. As the haunter analysed him briefly, he noted that he was the evolved form of a meowth—a persian. The rounded red gem on his forehead glistened as his small ears, similar to a meowth’s, straightened upon spotting his new company. His whiskers were smaller than his pre-evolved form, but his sleek talk with a curled end was nearly the same.

“Talyn!” exclaimed the leafeon as she dashed over by his side. She began to rub against the side of the persian’s neck, and the pokémon himself looked down at her, closing his own eyes and rubbing against her head.

“Izante,” he replied in a straight-forward kind of voice. Once they stopped nuzzling, he continued to look at her, not spying the haunter from the corner of his eye.

More and more pokémon spewed from their cages as time passed, and they anxiously rushed to other ones to help break more locks. The haunter saw many different pokémon—small ones, tall ones, brown ones, blue ones... He could’ve seen about fifty by now. But one thing that caught his attention was not the fact that there were so many pokémon, nor was it that the chatot he had escorted endlessly severed locks on cages and the cages themselves, but it was a small discussion going on in the far left corner piled with cages that were unoccupied.

Curious, the ghost type neared the two pokémon he had seen before with lowered voices. He melted into the shadows of the many cages, concealing himself slyly.

“That that not the same flareon you have known for years?”

“I think that’s her,” Izante responded. She didn’t seem excited as such, and she said it in an emotionless tone.

“Are you going to be escaping with her?” he questioned.

“I...I have to. ...I do have obligations...and she’ friend,” the leafeon stated, raising her voice a little.

“Shh! We don’t want to be heard!” the persian hushed, checking his surroundings to ensure he wasn’t being watched. Upon seeing this, the haunter crept a little closer, still invisible in the casting shadows. “Friend? Don’t tell me...” The persian shook his head disapprovingly. However, he took another path. “She’s going to get in our way!” The grass type, absorbing the reality, sighed heavily, looking completely unsure of what to do. A sort of helpless expression found its way to her features, winding itself between her facial fur.


The sudden voice shook the likes of the purple ghost pokémon as he eavesdropped, almost knocking him out into the open where he would be spotted by the secretively chatting duo.

“Haunter, where in the world are you?! Report here at once! We must move on!” the chatot squawked, flapping his wings with intolerance.

Sighing much like the leafeon he had just examined, the haunter made an effort not to come into the view of anyone until he popped up behind his partner. “I’m here...” he stated, barely above a whisper, levitating behind the flying type. The chatot jumped, fluttering his blue wings once more before recomposing himself and straightening his feathers.

Don’t do that again!” he huffed, shaking his head briefly. “Let us be off at once,” he demanded, basically handing himself over to the haunter.

“Alright...” the pokémon agreed, wrapping his detached hands around the pokémon’s wings. Effortlessly the haunter turned and dissolved into the wall, noting from the corner of his eye that those two suspicious pokémon were once again snuggling. It made him shudder, wondering why they were doing such a disturbing thing, and began to set his mind back on the task ahead: to free the last of the pokémon!


With the haunter and the chatot having returned some time later, I was grinning with satisfaction. All the crates had pokémon craving freedom running around in them—almost how it was supposed to be. ‘And to think that I was once lying in my cage without any sort of plan...’ The thought made me realise something: I had come up with this plan, and so far it was working. With the help and support of fellow pokémon, I had successfully managed to rid every pokémon on the ship of their wicked imprisonment stages and to bring them all justice. Now there was just one thing left to do before the attack—break the massive locks on the crates.

Spirits were high, and I knew that the right time to make our move was nearing. Although most of the pokémon – including me – were half-starving as a result of a lack in nourishment, I hoped we would hold up. As pokémon, I assumed us all to be tough. After all, a lot of us would naturally live in extreme weather. Ice types would live in the icelands raging with constant blizzards; most fire pokémon could withstand extreme heat temperatures – even fire itself – and rock types dealt with solid and difficult ground, treacherous mountains and the waterless underground.

“We all good?” I asked, raising my voice to be heard. The pokémon who were sorted out into groups shouted in response, cheering and roaring with excitement and agreement. They, like me, waited in anticipation for the right moment to strike. I had sent out the haunter again – this time by himself – to go around to all of the other nine crates spread throughout the massive ship to ensure that they were all ready and to then break their locks once ours was broken. Whilst he was gone, I had really gotten the crowd pumped.

“Nice work,” a voice praised, not as loud as the noise surrounding me. I knew who it was and smiled without rotating my head in his direction. A sly grin crept across my face.

“Thank you, Raiys. I thought so myself,” I chuckled, not boasting, but saying it humourously. He also chuckled, padding to stop beside me.

“I’m eager to get out of here. You really have done the pokémon of this crate a big favour,” he added, nodding.

“Aw, well, I couldn’t have done it without your motivation and Pokol’s blast seeds.”

“Heh,” he chuckled again, acknowledging the fact that what I had said was true.

Smiling at him friendlily, I happened to notice that there was someone behind him. It was a canine pokémon like myself, but slightly larger and had blue fur. My facial expression changed instantaneously, and a frown fell onto my face out of nowhere. ‘Oh—HER,’ I thought with bitterness. It was Azure—the glaceon with something against me.

“Raiys, let’s group with the other pokémon,” she butted in, facing him and speaking as if I wasn’t there.

The quilava blinked a few times, just registering that she was there and speaking to him. “We will not be in the same elemental group,” he told her, but to the statement, Azure continued to insist, however, clearly thinking something of snatching him from me. My face grew even more contempt, and I tried to talk over her pointless ranting.

“Raiys, stay here. We’re not ready to go yet!” I snarled at her, leaking smoke from my nostrils.

“No—” she started, throwing a harsh contemptuous sneer at me. “Follow me. I am your partner.”

“HEY!” I exclaimed, getting her attention. “He chooses! He was here with me first!” I formed a defensive battle stance, and, to my surprise – but at the same time, expectations – she, without warning, shot an ice beam at my face. It struck me head on, and I was forced to keep my eyes bound and endure the attack whilst standing my ground.

“Azure, stop it!” commanded Raiys, making a move to leap out in front of the attack. However, before he could do so, the glaceon broke off the attack.

Pieces of frost flew as I shook off once the beam faded, but it had taken a bigger toll on me than I had expected. Not because of the strength of an ice type attack like that, but because I was already weak. I flared up, fire enveloping my body until I released the pressure, and I blinked. It felt warm again, as did my toes and tips on my ears. After that was over I threw daggers at her in a piecing glare. “YOU—”

I heard the patter of pawsteps before a body appeared before my own. “You okay?” the quilava asked. I nodded, glaring past him at the stubborn and unfriendly glaceon who had seemed to look down on me with the sense that I was inferior to her.

“Dusty! There you are!” called out someone from behind. My gaze was torn from Azure to a black, blue-ringed figure approaching. He seemed somewhat relieved to have found me, and I noticed that in his wake was the same species of pokémon that had stepped on my paw a while ago.

“Hey...” I grumbled, finding that his face seemed overpowered with worry. “What’s wrong?”

“You have to come quickly! There’s a crazed sandslash holding a ralts hostage!” he explained, a serious expression upon his face.

“WHAT?!” I yelped, confusion smacking my in the face much like the ice beam had.

“You have to hurry; he’s injured her badly!”

“Oh, for—” I left my sentence there, taking off with Hakumei delaying before tailing me.

As we were running, the umbreon called out to me, “He said he wanted our leader to come forward, so, since you came up with the plan, I assumed he meant you!”

To that statement I managed to smirk quietly to myself. He had referred to me as the leader... I didn’t think I’d ever be considered the head of a group or anything of the sort. But, then again, it wasn’t some really important one. Focusing back on the matter at paw, I scowled, hoping he hadn’t done too much damage as of yet. ‘Gahh, I wonder if it’s that Wulua kid again...’

I almost slipped several times on muck and waste on my way there, running as fast as I could with pokémon everywhere. I was constantly dodging creature after creature, and a few times I had banged into a couple, and I heard Hakumei apologise for me as he passed them behind me.

Once coming into the opening of a large circle of pokémon near the very back of the crate, Hakumei and I having come from the front, I stuck out my paws and skidded to a halt a few metres in front of the sandslash who tightened his grip at the sight of me. As my dark type friend and the grotle slowed to a stop behind me, I began to assess the situation.

It was Wulua.

“Stay back!” the ground type demanded, the claws on one of his paws laid across a ralts’ neck. The ralts’ head was drooping, and I could clearly tell that she was unconscious. I knew I had to take this seriously—considering that a pokémon had already fainted. If he had used a number of attacks on her to knock her out, I knew that it was very possible for him to be now able to kill her with his claws. And if I made the wrong move, he could easily extinguish the psychic type’s life.

“Wulua! What are you doing?!” I blurted out, spreading my front legs further apart.

“Why are we still here?!” he yelled at me, his eyes drained of their sanity. I recoiled a little at his aggressiveness, wondering what had driven him into such a state—but it then popped into my head as the most obvious thing currently on my mind It was surprising not everybody had flipped out by this stage. “Answer me!” he hollered, raising his muzzle. Pokémon around me flinched, waiting for me to step in.

“W-we have to wait for the haunter to come back,” I calmly replied, my mane settling down a little. Maybe if I remained relaxed, he wouldn’t feel as threatened.

“NO! Not wait, now! We have to get out NOW!!” he shouted hysterically, actually worrying me a little.

“Look, just calm down! He’ll be back soon,” I tried to reassure, my voice a little stressed. However, I knew I wasn’t telling the full truth. I had no idea when the ghost pokémon would return—but now, I hoped it was sooner than I had originally predicted.

“Shut up! Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!!” He pressed his long, sharp claws into the Ralts’ neck, and my eyes widened.

‘A little more pressure and he could pierce her skin!’ I kept silent, watching him breathe heavily; He looked ready to explode into a rage-induced frenzy. However, when he started twitching his eyes, I had to say something. “What is it that you want?” I quietly asked, attempting to hide the frightened and/or agitated side of me.

“I want to get OUT OF HERE! I’m SICK of being held hostage by this wooden prison!” I then lowered my eyes, finding him a hypocrite. He was doing himself and everyone around him a disservice.

“We all do,” I mentioned. “We all want to get out...” He kept up his breathing, but before he could speak, I decided to go about it another way. “...If only that stupid haunter would hurry the hell up!”

Wulua seemed to frown a little at my sudden attitude fluctuation, but the stress in his face loosened up just a little. “What’s taking him SO LONG?!”

“You’re right! Doesn’t he care about us?!” I pretended to fire up. I turned to the pokémon around me, widening my eyes to enforce my encouragement for them to join in.

“He’s too selfish to help us!” Wulua accused, the spikes on his back lowering.

“All he cares about is taking FOREVER!” I droned, rolling my eyes. By this stage a few more pokémon had joined in, and I smiled on the inside. My plan was working.

“He’s a brainless ghost type!” he rumbled, distraction clouding his head as the pokémon in his claws slowly slid away.

“Yeah! What’s the matter with him?!” A look of disgust that passed across my face apparently edged on the sandslash.

“I want to get out!” he roared.

“Well, attacking the wall will help. Your claws are so strong!”

The ralts was now lying on the ground, and the sandslash’s arm had dropped with her. Without a word, Wulua glanced behind him. The wall was less than four metres behind him, and as tempted as he was, suspicion kept him from releasing his prisoner and going for the jackpot.

I readied my paws as the insane pokémon considered his chances, beginning to look as if he was about to ignore his protective instincts and stick with those that told him that he wanted to escape and he would do anything to fulfil that goal. Midway in pondering over what he should do, the sandslash turned away towards the wall.

Seizing the opportunity, I lunged at the pokémon with a soundless push-off, opening my jaw and pointing my small claws at him. With a screech from my opponent, I knocked us both to the ground, and the sandslash released his grip on the fainted ralts completely. We tumbled to the end of the crate, smacking against the wall. However, much to my dismay, I was the one who slammed against it, and Wulua was in front of me. He rolled onto his back, shook, and got to his feet.

I ducked with a yelp as he thrust a clawed paw at the wall—however, since it couldn’t be harmed from the inside, the claws were forced to change direction to downward, a cry emitting his mouth as a cringed. With his other paw, however, he swiped at me without hesitation, striking me in the gut. I gasped, but rapidly generated a weak shadow ball before sending it spiralling at close range into the pokémon’s face. Luckily it made him vulnerable for a few moments, and quickly I glanced to my wound. It was only a scratch on the surface, thankfully.

I pounced past him, then turned to face him as my paws skidded against the wood and muck, and leaped at him with a bite—big mistake. I rammed into his spikes, causing my body to take the shock and clunk against the ground. I shook off, barely being hurt by it as they folded rather than speared me, and I jumped backwards as he suddenly swung at me with his paws yet again. Countering it with a leer attack, my piecing glare made him have to cover his eyes as if a bright light had just shone into them. Letting his guard down by mistake, I cast a flamethrower in his direction, searing the pokémon only to the point of unconsciousness. Collapsing in a heap of defeated sandslash, Wulua fainted on the floor.

“...That haunter is trying his hardest.” I narrowed my eyes and exhaled in a long puff before hearing a number of worried pokémon storm over to us.

“Dusty!” called one of them. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, fine,” I simply replied. I smiled slightly, happy that my plan had worked, but it vanished quickly as I remember that Wulua had officially gone off the sanity scale—and it seemed like nothing could make him return to a safe state of mind, posing a difficult decision as to what to do with him. “Somebody watch him,” I commanded, turning around to whoever was there.

The umbreon beside me nodded to several pokémon around me—two ninjask who were cicada-like pokémon of assorted colours. Nodding, they followed orders and buzzed over to the inert ground type. Among them was also a loudred – a blue pokémon with an enormous mouth with two ears that looked as if they absorbed sound – and a shuckle who had a red shell with white rings where the holes for her long, yellow legs and neck were.

I strode over to the unconscious ralts, gathering that she looked in a somewhat fine state. I examined the pokémon briefly and nudged her. She didn’t move straight away, so I took her small body softly within my jaws and trotted over to the nearby grotle standing with Hakumei. I plonked her onto his shell-armour, and his umbreon friend nudged her further up onto his back in a stable position so she wouldn’t fall. I figured keeping her immobile up there was a suitable idea, being off the ground, and being in someone else’s care.

Most of the pokémon around were silent. “...Don’t do anything wrong, and you won’t end up like that sandslash over there,” I announced, nodding my head in the pokémon’s direction. “Do something wrong...and you’ll get the same treatment.”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

FINALLY! I'm so tired, my expression looks like this: =.= I needa get some sleep now. +_+
Hope you all liked this chapter!


EDIT: (I post this as the rewrite has been pasted here.)
Okay, now, for those who have seen the voice acting thread, you'll know that we voice act scenes form stories. I've done two scene from TtEoaF so far, which include one from chapter 15, and one from this chapter. I play Dusty and the pokemon who goes "Yeah!" and the altaria who wants to fly away. If you want to listen to it, it's right here:

The script goes from:

“Alright, now, you lot: as soon as we get out there, fly to the shore to find things like rocks to bring back and attack the humans with.”


“The humans are gonna put up a fight...and we must counter it with all we've got.”

It has some changes from the original script. For more info, like who played what part it this, go here: Click me!

And, I always include bloopers!
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