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Default Re: complexmanifold's Log

4 VS. 4
Normal Terrain
Normal Weather
No Items
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
No OHKO Moves

Soda (Ambipom, Jolteon, Starmie, Infernape)
-Adam- (Infernape, Starmie, Porygon-Z, Yanmega)

Ambipom used U-Turn to Starmie on Adam's Infernape as Infernape used Substitute. Starmie defeated Infernape with two Surfs, despite taking a Thunderpunch. Adam's own Starmie was then sent in. Soda switched in Jolteon to deal with this dopplegänger, who accurately predicted the switch and cued a Confuse Ray. The confused Jolteon hit itself as Starmie took advantage and used Skill Swap. Ambipom was then brought back in while Starmie used Substitute. Ambipom's Fake Out left the Substitute with a single hit point as the delighted Starmie used Thunder Wave. Starmie took advantage of its situation and used Cosmic Power, and Ambipom did not do a thing due its paralysis. Starmie then went on the offensive with Surf. Ambipom used U-Turn to break Starmie's Substitute and got Jolteon in again. Starmie used Surf again, safe from any electric attacks thanks to the Skill Swapped Volt Absorb, but it got Roared away, sending in Porygon-Z. Jolteon used Yawn and Porygon-z used Agility. Not wanting to go to sleep, Porygon-Z is replaced by Starmie, who took a Thunderbolt and is effectively knocked out. Yanmega then took its turn with Jolteon. It used Detect, which Jolteon foresaw, apparent through its use of Substitute. Yanmega used Double Team in vain as Thunder gave Jolteon its second kill. Adam's last remaining Pokemon, Porygon-Z, was sent in, having to deal with all four of Soda's Pokemon. This task did not seem impossible, however, as Porygon-Z ran circles around Jolteon by getting in an Agility and timing its Recovers and a Substitute correctly in tandem against Jolteon's Thunderbolts and Thunder Wave. Eventually both Pokemon lost their Substitutes, but Porygon-Z was faster and ready to destroy Jolteon with Tri Attack. However, Infernape came in for Jolteon as Porygon-Z used Recover unexpectedly.
[14:07] SotaOMG: recover
[14:07] SotaOMG: wtf
[14:07] SotaOMG: !!!!!!!11
Porygon-Z's attempt at a four Pokemon sweep seemed even more possible as it used Barrier against Infernape's Brick Break. Infernape then went to the special spectrum of attacks with Fire Blast, but Porygon-Z Recovered, although it only attained around a 5% net gain. Porygon-Z then used the elusive move known as Conversion 2, which allowed it to turn into a Fire type. However, this did not help Porygon-Z the least bit as Infernape finished the half healthed cyber duck with a spectacular Focus Blast capable of blasting focus.

Soda gets 1,000.
-Adam- gets 500.

I should get 2,000.

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