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Default Re: Volcan's Vulcanic Files

#732 [AIM]


No Items
Hit all Moves Hits One
No Rest/Perish Song/Sleep
No Trick Room
No Evasion Moves
Normal Terrain

Stall war x_x

Tiana with Metagross $1,000
Cipher Lord with Garchomp $1,000
joanges with Heracross $1,000
gun6 with Dusknoir $1,500
Cookies with Marowak $2,000
IReign with Kingdra1 $2,500
Xalapeno with Gardevoir $3,000
Haze with Kakuna $3,500
Adam with Ludicolo $4,000
Moonmaster with Kingdra2 $4,500
Soda with Starmie $5,000
Me $5,500

Total Wages: $42,000

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