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Default Re: - DK URPG Statz -


1st: [DK VS Cookies] (I win by OHKO.)
2nd: [DK VS Dragoness] (I Lost.)
3rd: [DK VS Moon Master] (I Lost.)
4th: [DK VS Dragoness (2)] (I win.)
5th: [DK VS bleepbloop] (I win by default.)
6th: [DK VS Yoda55] (I Lost.)
7th: [DK VS Kingdra] (I win.)
8th: [DK VS Mewcario] (I Lost.)
9th: [DK VS luke39] (I win.)
10th: [DK VS watergirl2] (I win.)
11th: [DK VS Redundance] (I Lost.)
12th: [DK VS Yusuke007] (I win.)
13th: [DK VS egg1807] (I Lost.)
14th: [DK VS Mewcario (2)] (I Lost.)
15th: [DK VS Ayotui] (I Lost.)
16th: [DK VS NN] (I win.)
17th: [DK VS Willow] (I Lost.)]
18th: [DK VS Willow (2)] (I Lost by OHKO.)
19th: [DK VS kingofboosalotofnumbers] (I Lost.)
20th: [DK VS pickyeater] (Currently Battling.)

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