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Default Damage Equation & Status Conditions

Damage Equation

Well, there isn't one really, but anyway...

It's the Ranger's job to determine how much damage an attack does, what effects it delivered (if any), and even if the attack hit or not. How is this done? Well, it depends on the quality of your posts. The Ranger will judge your post and determine a fair outcome for it.

Post Quality

The quality of the posts may be determined by countless factors. However, they can be summarized in the following:

1-Realism: Could the attack actually happen? Is the Pokemon Healthy enough to be able to do what you asked? Is your Pokemon the kind to act like that? If the answer is no, then you can't expect to do heavy damage. Also, it is possible to dodge attacks even if they have 100% accuracy because on anime style the Pokemon aren't stuck face to face with each other; they can actually move.

2-Practicality: Since this is anime style, you will be facing different terrains, weathers, and environments which could easily alter an attack's quality. For example: using Quick Attack on a muddy terrain will probably end up badly; using Vine Whip on a Lapras's shell will probably do less damage than using it on any of Lapras's softer spots. One must pay attention to detail and try to use as much as the surroundings in your favor as possible.

3-Base Power (BP): Yes, base power. If two posts have the same quality, but in one you are using Vacuum Wave (40 BP, Special, Fighting) and in the other you are using Aura Sphere (90 BP, Special, Fighting), the one with Aura Sphere will obviously do more damage.

4-Power Points (PP): No, we don't count Power Points as the number of times you can use a move in anime style. Power Points will just be a guide that states how hard it is to perform a move. Attacks with LOW PP are HARDER to perform while attacks with HIGH PP are EASIER to perform.

5-Creativity: A wild Pokemon may be wild, but they could be smart enough to just step a side if your Pokemon charges at them with a Headbutt. Still, let's say you told your Pokemon to use Sweet Scent while it ran and then jump, spin, and land the Headbutt. The wild Pokemon will probably be caught off guard and not be able to dodge. Get creative with your attacks, do combos, try something new. You never know what benefits you might get from it. Still, don't get too complicated. Pokemon in anime style aren't computers, so if you get too complicated for them, they might just stare at you in confusion or get mad depending on their personality.

Type Chart

This is a chart for which Pokémon types are strongest/weakest against other types.

Note: You must be aware that depending on the quality of your posts, type advantages and disadvantages MIGHT be ignored.

Status Conditions


The Pokemon will get a burn which will hurt the Pokemon thus affecting its performance depending on the location and severity of the burn.

A Frozen Pokémon can't move unless it uses a Flame Wheel, Sacred Fire, or a strong move that might help it struggle out of the ice. It will thaw eventually and the ice surrounding it will provide protection for some moves, although it is preferred for the Pokemon to be healed or switched out. Using fire moves on a frozen Pokemon will thaw it out.

A Paralyzed Pokémon's speed is lowered dramatically as it stings for the Pokemon to move to the point where it might not move at all.

A Poisoned Pokémon's health will decrease with time as will the Pokemon's performance. Poison and Steel type Pokemon can never be Poisoned.

An intoxicated Pokemon is actually severely sick. It'll get a fever, its health will decrease dramatically as the battle progresses as will the Pokemon's performance to the point where it might get confused and eventually faint. Poison and Steel type Pokemon can never be intoxicated. Poisoned status condition gets overwritten by Toxic.

*Determining damage from Toxic*
An intoxicated (also called Toxicated) Pokémon takes 6.25% damage first post, which increases by 6.25% each post after that [6.25%, 12.5%, 18.75%, 25%, etc., up to 93.75%]. For those who aren't familiar with the calc, put -6.25 (or whatever % Toxic damage is at) in the Damage/Recovery box, then click the GREEN (%) button. For now Rangers can use this method or go by the Trainer's posts, but there's a strong chance the formula might be enforced in the future :P.

A sleeping Pokemon will not move unless it's using Snore, Sleep Talk, or unless the Pokemon can move naturally in its sleep. It'll eventually wake up.

A Confused Pokémon might attack the wrong target, use the wrong moves, act randomly, hit itself against something, or there's the chance that it might obey. Confusion does wear off or it can also be cured by returning the Pokemon to its Pokeball

An attracted Pokémon might refuse to attack the target and it'll probably act nicely towards the target depending on its nature. A Pokemon can only Attract, or be attracted, by its opposite gender, Ditto, or genderless Pokemon of the same type.

Having More Than One Major Status Condition:
A Pokémon can be Confused and Attracted at the same time, but they can also have two major Status Conditions (Sleep, Burn, Freeze, Poison/Toxic, Paralyze) at the same time, on top of Confusion and Attraction. The Trainer's efforts will determine if two major Conditions exist on any given Pokemon at any given time. Note that Toxic will overwrite Poison so it will still be one condition.

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