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Default Anime Realism & Anime-Styled Moves

Anime Realism

These are some fun facts that are not applied in the video games but that both Rangers and Trainers must be aware of as they will apply to the National Park:

-Grass types lose their resistance to electricity if they are not touching the floor/ground.

-Grass types become immune to electricity when grasping onto the floor/ground.

-Using a physical Steel type move on the floor will give temporary immunity to electricity for the duration of the attack.

-Some Pokemon can fly or levitate without being flying types or having Levitate ability, so they are not affected by most ground type moves.

-Some Pokemon can feel vibrations or sense presences.

-Some Pokemon have natural poisons or stinks not mentioned in the games.

-Many Poison type moves are flammable.

-If Pokemon other than Cubone and Marowak attempt a bone related move, the bone materializes in the Pokemon's hand for the duration of the attack.

-Sun related moves will work just as well with the Moon.

-Being wet eliminates Ground type's immunity to Electric attacks. (Does not apply to Water/Ground type Pokemon)

Anime Styles Moves

Here are some moves that are very different on the anime than on the video games:

Astonish: It's not a Physical move and it doesn't require contact. The user just shouts in a frightening ghostly way while its face just morphs, stretches, darkens, and overall it becomes so scary the opponent flinches.

Creates an invisible wall that shields the user. However, the wall will remain in place, so it doesn't protect the user if the attack goes around the wall or if the user moves from behind the wall's protection. The wall doesn't disappear until the user faints though.

Confuse Ray: It travels withing a second to nearby targets when on land. However, when underwater, it slowly spreads through the water like ink. It still does confuse with very high accuracy.

Confusion: The Pokemon uses its psychic power to lift the opponent into the air and move it around at will. This grip doesn't last forever, but it may cause the opponent to become confused once it ends.

Counter: It's type equals that of the attack being reflected.

Detect: It doesn't create a barrier. The Pokemon just sences the opponent's attack and dodges it.

Disable: The opponent becomes unable to move as long as the user is able to focus enough to maintain this attack.

Double Team: The user creates copies of itself. These copies can either be simple illusions or they can be like clones which can also move an attack. Creating the ones who can attack, however, will also drain a lot of energy from the user.

Dragon Rage: It's actually a Dragon Type Flamethrower that doesn't always deliver 40 points of damage

Fire Spin: The user creates a fire twister to trap the target in it. If successful, even though its base power is 15, it'll do continuous damage so it can strike as a Flamethrower or even better depending on how it was performed.

Focus Punch: The user's fists begin to glow, but the user doesn't wait for the target to make a move. The user just charges towards the opponent to strike. The move fails if the user got hit before it could strike.

Glare: The user's eyes begin to glow in yellow as it stares at the target. It inflicts the paralysis status condition on the target only for as long as the user keeps staring and is able to focus this attack.

Hail: It can either summon snow storms or hail storms. Either one will activate abilities that activate during Hail.

Haze: The user creates a cold dark smokescreen. It will still remove all stat modifications.

Heal Bell: It requires the user to be near the target(s). It'll heal scars, status conditions, and a bit of health. In addition to that, it soothes those who can hear it.

Horn Drill:
It's obviously stronger than a Horn Attack, but doesn't knock out the target in one hit even if it connects.

Ice Fang: The user shoots ice rays out of its fang. It doesn't require contact at all.

Light Screen: It does create a protective barrier for special moves, but the barrier vanishes as soon as the user performs another move.

Magical Leaf: The user fires colorful leaves at the target. These leaves will go where ever the user wants them too until they hit something or until the user becomes unable to focus on them; which ever comes first.

Meditate: While it does increase attack power, the Pokemon also levitates while using this move.

Mirror Coat:
It's type equals that of the attack being reflected.

Mirror Move: The user copies the last move used against it, even if the attack didn't hit.

Perish Song:
This doesn't knock out every Pokemon on the field in 3 turns. The song just delivers heavy damage and a lot of pain to the performer and any Pokemon who hears it. It requires for the user to keep singing if the trainer wants both Pokemon to faint. If the user stops singing, the song's effect stops.

Petal Dance: It can be used once without the user throwing a tantrum. The problem may come if the user is told to use it more than once.

Protect: While Protect does work just like in the games, it doesn't prevent the opponent from recieving recoil damage from their own moves.

Psychic: The Pokemon uses its psychic power to lift the opponent into the air and move it around at will. This grip doesn't last forever, but it lasts longer than Confusion, and it may cause the opponent to become more sensitive to special attacks.

Psywave: The user creates a ring of psychic energy and shoots it at the target. The power of this moves is still random.

Reflect: It does create a protective barrier for physical moves, but the barrier vanishes as soon as the user performs another move.

Rest: The Pokemon goes to sleep, but its Health remains the same while it sleeps. The opponent must try to do as much damage as needed to the sleeping Pokemon because once the user wakes up, it'll be a full Health.

Rock Tomb: Rocks come out of the ground and hold the target in place.

Sandstorm: It can summon sandstorms, yes, but it can also be used as a ground type Twister which won't alter the weather.

Sand Tomb: The user spins around on the ground creating a swirling sand pit trap. The user remains in the center/bottom of the sand pit. Any Pokemon caught in this trap will slowly sink into it while being dragged towards the user Pokemon.

Safeguard: The user creates a force field that weakens attacks slightly eliminating any possible status condition they may inflict. Physical items cannot get into the Safeguard (such as natural falling rocks), but a Pokemon might be able to enter it with a well performed attack. Safeguard does require for the user focus on it a bit, but it still allows the user to multitask.

Secret Power: While this move's power and effects are still the same in anime style, this move can be used as a physical move and make contact or as a special move and not make contact at all. It all depends on how the trainer describes the way Secret Power is being performed.

Shadow Punch: The user punches at the target from a distance. Shadow fists will be shot out of the user's punches and try to strike the target.

Sonicboom: It DOESN'T always do 40 of damage. It's damage and uses depends on how the Pokemon performs it. It can be a strong move, but, it all depends on the trainer's quality and the Ranger's judgment.

Spikes: The user shoots spikes all around. They may hurt any Pokemon that steps on them, no matter which team they are from or how they stepped on the spikes.

Spite: The user becomes spiteful towards the target and makes it harder for it to perform the last move it used.

Sweet Kiss: The user creates pink hearts will confuse anyone who touches them.

Tail Whip: In addition to possibly dropping the target's defense, it is a whip, so it will do a bit of damage.

Teeter Dance: The user dances an misbalanced Hawaian Hoolah Dance. Everyone around will be forced to dance in the same way, including the trainer if either him/her or the Pokemon wasn't careful.

Teleport: It doesn't necessarily teleport the user and its trainer away from battle. The Pokemon can just use it to dodge or teleport to a more strategic spot.

Toxic Spikes: Judging from how Spikes work, it's safe to say that the spikes shot by the user may hurt any Pokemon that steps on them, no matter which team they are from or how did they stepped of the spikes.

Transform: In addition to how Transform works on the video games, the user may also choose to transform into anything it sees including plants, items, humans, etc. Also, a Pokemon may use Transform even if the Pokemon it transformed into doesn't know that move.

Whirlwind: It can be used to blow away a wild Pokemon, yes, but it can also be used as a flying type Twister.

Yawn: The user spits out a big slow moving pink bubble that puts anyone to sleep on contact.

Zen Headbutt: The user attempts a headbutt that shoots out psychic waves. These waves may flinch the target before Zen Headbutt strikes and not after.


Hidden Power note: Hidden Power is rolled randomly for use in the Park. After the Trainer leaves the Park they must get an official Type roll for Hidden Power.

Attract note: Attract remains on the Pokemon it was inflicted on, regardless of post quality, until either the user or the one inflicted leaves battle.

Destiny Bond note: Destiny Bond does not remain on the field for the duration of the battle. It fades after the second post it was used in. For example, Froslass uses Destiny Bond. If it was a Wild Pokemon, it fades on the Ranger's next post. If the Trainer used it, it fades on the Trainer's next post.

Aromatherapy note: Only Pokemon near the user are affected. It restores status to normal and energizes those affected (it doesn't replenish HP, just gives a temporary energy boost).

Mimic note: When used, Mimic randomly copies one of the foe's moves and stays as that move until either recalled or the battle is over

Assist note: The user randomly uses a move known by one of the other Pokemon currently with the Trainer (not one chosen from a Pokemon that wasn't specifically brought into the Park with the Trainer)

Future Sight: In the post following the one it was used, the user can either: Avoid an attack, counter an attack, or launch an offensive attack. Depending on the Trainer's post quality, the user may perform two of these actions or even all three.

Again, if you know something we don't, please don't hesitate to PM it to me or any official within the Park Staff so we can add it.

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