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Default [WAR VIII] WiFi Chat

Good Evening or Whatever to everybody,

I am starting this thread to get some input about the upcoming WAR VIII and the WiFi part of the competition.

For those who don't know what WAR is then let me explain. WAR is similar to what is seen in the WiFi Battle section where their are clans set up. Several teams are created in the Groups/Clubs section of PE2K that have members with skill ranging from writing, URPG and even humor. For selected amount of weeks (usually three to four weeks) these teams will compete in gaining points by having their members take part in the different competitions throughout the forum. Each week a judge will watch over the assigned section they been given and based on the parameters they set for that week they will award points to that team base on the entry or performance that their representative member. The team with the most points at the end of the WAR competition wins the WAR.

Currently the teams that will compete in the WAR competition have been selected and judges have been chosen. This year I will host the WiFi part of the competition.

The past times this part of the competition (WiFi) battling haven't seen much activity. So I want some input as in why and how you think it can be more active.

I am also interested as in if anybody wants a change in how points will be given out for this section. In the past it was up to the person of that team to seek out challenges with other WiFi battlers on different teams. Similar to what is done for the URPG or Shoddy part of the competition. More details can be found here (Last time this was done for Parody WAR). This time around I am thinking that maybe it would be better to have a mini-war between teams to make it similar to the way things are done between clans in the Battling Center.

WAR starts June 14th and it isn't too late to sign up for teams.

So any input would be great. This is your guys competition and I am just the humble guest.

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