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Default Re: URPG Wishlist Thread

Here's my wish list!

1-Miltank (complex)
2-Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure (Hard/Complex/Demanding)
3-Scyther/Scizor (complex/demanding)
4-Another Scyther (complex)
6-Relicanth (complex)
8-Mareep/Flaafly/Ampharos (Simple/Hard/Demanding)
9-Kangaskhan (Complex)
10-Pansear/Simisear (Mart)
11-Pansage/Simisage (Mart)
12-Panpour/Simipour (Mart)


-if you see a Pokemon in this list that I already have in my stats, it's probably because I want a second one.
-if you see a non-fully evolved Pokemon on the list without its evolved form next to it, it means I don't want the evolved form
-if you see a fully evolved Pokemon on the list without its pre-evolved form behind it, it means I'll only trade for the fully evolved form.

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