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Default Re: Eraizaa's shinban no hon

AIM Battle

Rules: 11 people FFA, Revo, Norma Terrain, Shadow Sky Weather, No Items, No sleep moves, No Perish Song, Hit-all moves hit-one, No evasion, Weather cannot be changed

Kentucky_Fried_Torchic's Gyarados
Nirvash's Espeon
-PK's Tyranitar
Gun6's Lickilicky
Moon Master's Kingdra
TheEvilDookie's Gengar
Soda's Clefable
Brizer's Snorlax
Brainiac's Alakazam
Adrenaline's Starmie
Volcanflame's Metagross


Soda: $5,000
TheEvilDookie: $4,500
Adrenaline: $4,000
Gun6: $3,500
Brizer: $3,000
Moon Master: $2,500
Kentucky_fried_Torchic: $2,000
Nirvash: $1,500
Volcanflame: $1,000
-PK: $1,000
Brainiac: $1,000
Me: $5,500

Salary: $12,000

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