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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Now With an Official Website!]

My jaw had seemingly dropped open during Jarre’s outburst. I’d never seen him so distraught before. Maybe those memories of the old days haunted him a lot more than he’d let on. The fire bird shot a spurt of flames from his beak in frustration, melting the snow within a metre radius. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dash jump slightly, but he didn’t run. I closed the gap between us and rested a paw lightly on his arm.

“He won’t hurt you now,” I said simply. “Trust me.” And I was surprised at just how confident I sounded. The Sneasel turned to face me, tearing his wary gaze from the Torchic.

“I…I trust you, Lamb. It’s him I don’t trust. If you knew…if you only knew the torture I went through, then–”

“I do,” I cut in hastily. “I know what you went through.” My eyes pleaded for understanding. I knew how scared he was. After all, I had been close to death almost several times now. “Trust me, Dash.” I repeated through gritted teeth. My eyes then swerved to his wrist which I’d bitten into. I gasped, realising the holes must give him pain, and serve as a reminder. “I’m sorry…” I hastened to move a paw over it, touching the wound gently, but the Sneasel drew his claw away.

“It’s-it’s alright. It’ll heal.” He grinned at me shakily. "I’m sorry I hurt you. It was just…a shock. That’s all, Lamb.” Dash held his hurt claw tenderly and made sure it was kept away from me, lest I do more damage. I felt awful at the sight of it and closed my eyes, turning from Dash and back to Jarre.

The Torchic was breathing heavily, leaving a puff of steam every time he did so. He wasn’t panicking – not like Dash – but he seemed about to go into shock. I was about to walk over to calm him when a claw fell on my shoulder. I turned to the Sneasel warily; I suspected something was up. His amber eyes were no longer as friendly towards me as I had remembered, and held a dangerous glint within them. When he spoke, it was through gritted teeth.

“I don’t know why you brought me here, Lamb, but I cannot help you. I have to leave now.” He turned without a further word and left me standing, still shocked, before I found my voice again and called out.

“Dash, wait! I need your help with the orb!” But the Sneasel didn’t stop. If anything, he walked faster. “Please!” I cried, tears coming to my eyes as I thought of the fate of the world. “It may be the only chance I have to defeat Deoxys!”

Dash’s footsteps instantly died out. My head was hung half with guilt and half with sorrow. I knew not when Dash had returned, for I could not see him, though I did sense it. Ignoring my flowing tears, I glanced up at the Sneasel who held a faint smile on his face.

“I can’t stand to see you hurt – let alone the world. If ¬he stays out of this,” – Dash pointed to Jarre – “Then perhaps I may be able to help you.”

I felt a small grin spread across my face and Dash winked in response as he walked off in the direction of the camp, ignoring the stunned Torchic. That left only Jarre and me in the clearing, and I had no desire to find Tali. As far as I knew, she was bad news. Sighing slowly, I walked over to Jarre to see if he was alright. The Torchic’s head was now hung, and he didn’t bother to lift it as I approached, though I could still hear his rapid breathing.

“Jarre…I–” I went to place a comforting paw on his wing, but the bird backed off hastily, as if he was afraid of my touch. Frowning slightly, my paw wavering in mid-air, I stared as he lifted his head. His beak quivered, whether in sorrow, fear or anger, I couldn’t tell. But his eyes were clearly readable, and it was obvious that I was in big trouble.

“I…” The Torchic shook his head, sighing. “I thought we were friends…?” He let the sentence hang in the air as he walked off, not to the camp, but past me towards the forest.

My ears drooped with shame and I lowered the paw that had been suspended in the air all that time. Why is it every time I tried, I couldn’t do right by anyone? Instinctively, I reached for the Orb of Sorrow within my fur and felt a tingle of excitement course through me at the contact. Altair then came to mind, as the same feeling had passed through my body when he’d kissed me. But that soon made me think of Rye, and I cringed again, releasing the orb as a jolt of pain shot through me.

“Rye…” I whimpered slightly, holding a paw across my stomach. “Where are you…?”


The Elekid hung onto life for far longer than Darkrai had thought possible, but was this really such a surprise?

The boy has been tainted…but he is not fully aware of the strength he now possesses…this could be to my advantage…

With a hiss and a sharp growl, the nightmare Pokemon reluctantly released Rye from his grip, allowing the Elekid to fall to the cold stone floor, shivers constantly coursing through his body as he gulped for air. Darkrai glowered at the fallen figure. He looked so weak, but at the same time, held so much promise. Through the Elekid, he might be able to finally establish a connection with Deoxys! He grinned maliciously, feeling sharp fangs graze the edge of his wispy mouth.

“Boy, I will train you. We start at first light. Until then…” He broke off, gliding to Rye on the cavern floor and lifting his chin with a claw almost tenderly. The Elekid snapped angrily, but was still too weak to do much harm. Darkrai grinned again gleefully. “Until then,” he repeated softly, “I leave you with a parting gift.”

The dark matter Pokemon reached out and ran a claw across the Elekid’s forehead swiftly, causing him to screech out again in pain. Darkrai watched as the cut began to turn black, which then spread further down through the Elekid’s body. Rye’s claws elongated into sharp spikes more jagged than before, his fur stood on end like icicles, sharp and deadly, and his fangs cut through his mouth, causing him to twitch in agony and his emerald eyes – which the nightmare Pokemon loathed to no end – turned into hollow, crimson jewels with black slits. A white mark had also spread from the cut which Darkrai had issued, forming a kind of odd engraving on Rye’s forehead.

A new type of Dark Pokemon was now born; the first of many yet to come. Those that shall pave the way to Oblivion itself! “Enjoy!” Darkrai cackled fiercely as he disappeared into thin air, leaving the Elekid alone within the stone chamber.

Rye blinked his crimson eyes once and glanced around the room. Everything was so much clearer now; so in focus! He felt…alive! His fangs scratched his mouth as he smiled faintly, rising fluently from the ground and spinning in a tight circle. Deftly aiming for a crack in the wall, he swung back a fist and punched, surprised when the stone crumbled instantly beneath his quaking form, shattering to a million pieces which left a gaping hole as black as night in front of him. The cracks from the impact spread all the way to the ceiling as far as he could see.

“Hehehehe…” Rye chuckled almost silently before raising his voice to a fevered pitch. “HAHAHAHA!” He narrowed his hollow eyes until the black pupils were near invisible, like a dark void lost in a sea of blood…

The Elekid smiled crookedly and clenched a fist in front of his chest, not caring as his claws cut swiftly through his flesh, drawing blood.

“Watch out world…here I come!”


Rye's angry. O.o


Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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