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Default Re: Battling Center Feedback: Now with new thought! =9

Originally Posted by Teo View Post
I was planning on eliminating any inactive clans from the list if it were a complete restart. That's why I wanted everybody's input on this.

As for the new update the Clan index is getting. It will include guidelines on what gets clan's on to the list and taken off it. Not to mention Regulations on Clan battles and such. It's just going to look a whole lot neater and appealing, well to me anyways. xD

Ah, very well. Lol, it's not only to you, teo. I've had problems reading the first page of the Clan Index for a while now. it would be candy to the eyes if you'd get that over with xD Oh yeah, that consumes time as well, but your work doesn't go rewarded. You will be remembered by all! ;D
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