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Default Ranger Quiz

Ranger Quiz
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Ok, so here we are. The Ranger's Quiz. To be eligible for the Ranger's Practical Test, all you have to do, is answer the best you can so that the Elite Rangers are assured that you know your stuff when you're doing your job as a Ranger. Not that hard, is it? :P

Please also be reminded to send in both the Question and Answer to the Elite Rangers when you're done! Do note you must explain your reasoning behind each answer as this will help the Elite Rangers decide whether you know your stuff or not.

ChainReaction01 : Available
Bumblebee : Available
WinterWinves : Available


RANGER QUIZ (40 Points)

Part One: Multiple Choice (20 Points)

Q1: What is the most important quality of a good post? (2 Points)

A) Knowledge of all Pokemon present and their movesets
B) Creativity
C) Correct grammar and spelling
D) Length

Q2: A Trainer has encountered six Wild Pokemon, and then encounters two more in the form of a Double Battle. When the battle ends, how many Encounters does the Trainer have left? (1 Points)

A) None
B) Eight
C) Seven
D) Nine

Q3: What is the MCR for a Rare Pokemon? (1 Points)

A) 54,000
B) 20,000
C) 45,000
D) 35,000

Q4: Which of the following may possibly happen after a failed capture attempt? (2 Points)

A) The Ball falls to the ground and can be retrieved after the battle
B) The Ball falls to the ground and can be retrieved during the battle
C) The Ball rolls away into a river or crevasse and cannot be retrieved
D) All of the above

Q5: Which Wild Pokemon is the most likely to appear at the Power Plant? (2 Points)

A) Pichu
B) Rotom
C) Bronzong
D) Ekans

Q6: A Pokemon uses Thunder Wave on a Burnt Pokemon in a high-quality post. What happens? (2 Points)

A) The Pokemon is Paralyzed in addition to being Burnt
B) Paralysis replaces the Burn status
C) The Thunder Wave fails
D) The Burnt Pokemon is Paralyzed, but only temporarily

Q7: Which of the following moves is the hardest to perform? (2 Points)

A) Will-o-Wisp
B) Dynamicpunch
C) Ice Beam
D) Thunder Fang

Q8: A Trainer's Drowzee used Metronome. What move would do the most damage to a Spiritomb? (3 Points)

A) Very high quality Absorb
B) High quality Fire Fang
C) Average quality Ice Beam
D) Low quality Zap Cannon

Q9: A Trainer uses a Calming Fragrance Super at the very beginning of an Encounter with a Misdreavus. What is the Misdreavus' MCR? (2 Points)

A) 3,000
B) 4,500
C) 9,000
D) 7,200

Q10: You're on a Team Run with Trainer A and Trainer B. Trainer B wants to try and capture one of the Pokemon on Trainer A's Encounter List. What happens? (3 Points)

A) Trainer B can attempt a capture if Trainer A lets him
B) Trainer B cannot: he can only capture Pokemon on his own Encounter List
C) The Pokemon is fair game: whoever succeeds in a capture attempt first gets it.
D) The Ranger may swap the Trainers' Pokemon if Trainer B's quality is high enough.

Part Two: Naming Questions (10 Points)

Q1: Name two Natures that increase obedience. (1 Points)

Q2: Name five reasons for a Ranger to escort a Trainer out of the Park. (5 Points)

Q3: Name two moves that can act quite differently from normal batting. (2 Points)

Q4: Name the two different ways to obtain an Encounter List for an expedition. (2 Points)

Part 3 : Scenarios (10 Points)

Q1: Your Trainer has just captured an Eevee in the woods using a Blaziken, but unfortunately a fire has started and is spreading quickly. The Trainer attempts to put it out using Rock Slide in a low quality post. Explain what happens. (4 Points)

Q2: A Wild Raichu is using Thunderbolt on the Trainer's Lairon. In a high quality post, the Trainer instructs the Lairon to use Iron Tail on the ground, then retailate with Earthquake. Describe what would happen as if you are posting. (4 Points)

Q3: The Trainer's Crobat has been acting very quietly and hasn't had much success with moves like Air Slash and Poison Fang. However, it's been keeping an eye on the battlefield while it fights and is quite good at avoiding moves. It used Toxic to great effect but severely messed up a Brave Bird attack. What Nature is Crobat? (2 Points)

Total Points: 40 points

Quiz by : ChainReaction & Bumblebee
Revised by : Trainer17
-The End-

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