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Default Foreign pokemon for the Masuda Method + others

Hello there :)

Id like to make a trading thread in order to test out the Masuda Method for myself.

I want to collect as many foreign language pokemon as possible. If you have one and don't plan on using it any time soon, please let me have it!

Here's a short list of foreign pokemon that Id prefer first:

- Beldum/evolutions
- Any starter (meaning from any region)
- Croagunk
- Eevee
- Rotom
- female Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir

Also would like the following pokemon, too. they don't have to be foreign, but it helps:

- Meowth

(Will update when needed)

Only legit pokemon, please. Im sad to say ive used an AR before, i know what a fake looks like.

Here is what I have to offer to you:
- Various english pokemon if you dont care what you get
- A shiny Bidoof, level 2 with naughty nature
- A jolly/adamant Gligar with baton pass and swords dance
- Someone with pokerus if you need it

Please post here AND PM me if youre up for a trade. I dont know any IVs.

Thanks in advance!

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