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Default Re: Pikachu's Gender

Originally Posted by Skylands View Post
*takes a deep breath*

Pikachu's gender is actually unconfirmed. It's voice actress Ikue Ootani, and Satoshi Tajiri said that they have not yet decided it’s gender. Therefore meaning there's a possibility of it being a female. If you believe Pikachu has no chance of being female because of the keywords: always acted masculine, Buneary, and the tail.

Q&A section:

Response 1. Pikachu never acted feminine ever!

- Here are some very interesting frames of Pikachu dancing with a Raichu
Ironically enough, some of this scene was in the Pikachu (I Choose You) video.

You know there is no other...
I choose you!
Because you are my brother..."
^Yup, doesn't get any brotherly that this.

-In the old episodes, Pikachu had more of a motherly/sisterly relationship with Togepi than a fatherly/brotherly. The same with other young Pokemon like the Pichu Bros. and Hapinny
If Pikachu had no possibility being a girl, why would they bother to give it female roles?

Response 2. Pikachu isn't a girl because it doesn't have an indent on its tail!

- Please stop using this to back up Pikachu being male... Ash's Pikachu is from the Kanto region, not Sinnoh. Those differences don't apply to the previous regions. Even if Pikachu was male, it wouldn't be because of its tail, it would be because Pikachu’s design was based of the original design of the species.

Response 3. Dawn's Buneary has a crush on Pikachu and Dawn has even confirmed it to being a girl. So that means Pikachu is a guy!

- Actually, Buneary's gender is unconfirmed as well. Buneary has a possibility of being male no matter how girly it may act. As long as its gender isn't confirmed it is still possible. For all we know, boy Buneary could be in the same catagory as male Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Bellossom, and Clefairy: girly-acting regardless of their true gender. This also goes for other manly looking Pokemon who can be female: masculine-acting regardless of their true genders. There are female Machokes but we wouldn't be able to tell them from the males. They all act and look exactly the same.

(Despite the fact that Buneary's gender isn't confirmed, for some reason the dub has confirmed it as a female.)

In conclusion, there's nothing wrong about thinking Pikachu is a boy and Buneary is a girl (That's your personally opinion) There is no actually proof for them being either gender. The only proof we have is the possibility of them being whichever. For Pikachu, we have male AND female hints. Unless their genders are officially announced or verbally stated in the original version.
I could've sworn that Buneary's gender was mentioned... @_@ Though I agree with Pikachu's. Except that there were hints that might have implied that Ash's Pikachu was a male. Why did they choose to change the tail of the female Pikachu in the first place? Could it be that they wanted to imply that Ash's Pikachu is male? Or not...?

Originally Posted by Broderick View Post
Pikachu's Female, Buneary's a lesiban. Case closed.
I doubt that. Seriously.

Originally Posted by Soda View Post
Girls can get jealous of guys. x_x

It's male.
How do you know? :O

Originally Posted by Megaman View Post
It has got to be Male.

I think it's female.........

It's male Megaman.

How do you know?

That's just my opinion.

Well I think it's female in my opinion.....

Pikachu's male in my opinion.

Why do you keep saying that?

Because.................I don't know! I just feel mad at myself right now and mad at my brother cause he won't let me borrow the next volume I need to read of Bleach! He's always so mean to me!

I'm lucky I don't have a brother.

Actually you do.


Yeah but I can't tell you who it is.


People are getting weirder and weirder these days.
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