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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

My overreactive imagination strikes again!

The idea is this: Gooney is a Blue-footed Booby (but with purple feet). One day, he dies, and meets the Zeldax, my all-powerful all-knowing creator of the Universe. It says since Gooney was so helpful and kind, it'll return him to Earth... in the form of a doll. It also says he should find a child who's unloved, uneuducated, and has a special gift. And that girl is named Mina, and Gooney finds her and guides her, and devolops her special gift, which is the ability to control fire. They then stop a man named Cortney Vile from taking over the world with mind control. After that, the Zeldax, who's been watching all this, rewards Gooney by returning him to a live Booby. But instead flying away to the Galąpagos Islands, where he's from, he stays with Mina, and has some of the best adventures in the world.
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