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Default Lunar Destinies (PG/Fan-Fic of the Year 2009)[Complete Ch 14]

This is one of my first posts here, as well as my second fanfiction. This story is one of the unique ones in the fact that it is not a PMD or Trainer Story, but a tale of a grand quest that stretches from all known regions of the Pokemon World. It tells of the epic struggle between light and darkness, against selfishness and selflessness. The nightmares are only beginning, and it falls to a young girl and members of a long-forgotten but still operating organization to restore balance. Hopefully, I won't produce groans and headaches with this.

Since there have been problems with fic stealing, I'm putting this up here:

Fan-Fiction Name: Lunar Destinies
Sites Posted On: Here and Bulbagarden (Charmander009)
Other sites I may post the story on in the future: serebii

Please tell me if you see this on other sites or on one of these sites under a different username than the one I have for that site!

Things you should know before reading:
1-I'm by no means professional. I might make some mistakes here and there.
2-I don't watch Pokemon anime, so forgive me if my battle descriptions are made of cheese.
3-Gore, foul language, or love gone too far (I don't even want to say it) never belonged in Pokemon.
4-I think that Pokemon should be able to preform more than 4 moves, so sorry if I do that.

Sorry about that, now here's a description:

There exists in many regions of the Pokémon world a trio of legendaries. From Kanto, three elemental birds soar the skies. In Johto, three legendary felines roam the land. In Hoenn, three earth sentinels rest in their hiding places. Finally, in Sinnoh, three psychic Pokémon skim the surface of the island’s lakes. All of these carefully bring balance to their land, and hold a secret that could change the course of the world. The power of three is the power of all, but only one individual can bring them all together. And once the darkness begins to eclipse the light, a prophecy begins the search for the hero, the chosen child of the moon.

Chapter Guide:

Book One: Kanto

Chapter One: An Unexpected Visitor

Chapter Two: On Lunar Wings

Chapter Three: Story Telling

Chapter Four: A Changing World

Chapter Five: Thyme Travel

Chapter Six: The Frozen Throne

Chapter Seven: Knights, One and All

Chapter Eight: Breaking Away (Part I)
_________________________(Part II)

Chapter Nine: The Cliffs of Will

Chapter Ten: Expecting the Unexpected

Chapter Eleven: The Mystery of Mew

Chapter Twelve: Lessons (Part I)
_____________________(Part II)

Chapter Thirteen: A Change in Plans

Chapter Fourteen: Kanto (Part I)
(Part II) (Part III)

Banner by the artistic Lunar Latias


Storms raged all about a deserted island, churning huge waves that threatened to swallow it whole. Lightning danced as the wind struggled with the few trees that struggled to survive. Surely, no living thing would be found there and then, but the lightning revealed a lone shadow walking nonchalantly by the thrashing beach. Its only concern had nothing to do with the weather. It had a purpose, one that was good enough to brave the storm.

Finally, the figure paused and looked towards the raging ocean. Suddenly, a massive object ejected from the waters and made its way towards the shore. It was a submarine shaped like Kyogre. Once it hit land, it changed shape, becoming an armored tank resembling a Rhyhorn. Its red eyes scanned the beach, searching for the lone figure. It turned and opened its maw, out of which a man stepped into the open.

“You sure know how to make a theatrical appearance,” the shadow on the beach smirked.

“Indeed, master,” the man bowed. “And you sure know how to pick rendezvous.”

“Have you found it?” the deep voice of the shadow sent shivers down the man’s back. It had a chilling strength to it, terrifying and empowering at the same instant.

“The Griseous Orb? Of course,” the man pulled out a large, golden object from a pouch he had hid on his person. “Giratina isn’t to happy about it being stolen, however.”

“We need not worry about him. The poor fool has enough to deal with as it is. It is a pity, however, that he chose the path he did. Did I not give him a chance to escape? But no, his heart has grown soft under the Oath. He will fall, just like all of the others. What about the other materials?”

“All of the Iron Thorns, Reaper Clothes, The Life Orb, the Spell Tag, the shards of the Black Charm, a Dark Incense, and. . .,” his voice faltered, reluctant to even mention the last item.

“The Red Chain?” the shadow answered for him without emotion.

“Y-yes. All is in order.”

“Excellent, then call up our troops. We will strike immediately. Tonight is our night, and the eclipse will begin. Our destiny is at hand, Ebenor.” Lightning flashed nearby, finally lighting up the features of the shadowy figure. A single, blue eye peered out from a flowing lock of white hair that resembled smoke.

“As you wish, Master Darkrai,” Ebenor bowed, more chills racing up his spine.

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