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Default Anjoola's FREE Item Giveaway


Yes, this is a FREE giveaway! All that I require is that you MUST ask for 6 items (for trading ease), and please do not give me any eggs. Why is it free? Because I want to hide my Pearl in the closet and I've got some extra items that someone else can put to use.

If you're cool you'll donate a Master Ball or a Rare Candy :D

The items are below:

Blue Shard x3
Damp Rock
Dome Fossil
Fire Stone
Green Shard x14
Hard Stone
Helix Fossil
Leaf Stone x3
Moon Stone x4
Red Shard x2
Repel x9
Root Fossil
Thunderstone x2
Water Stone x4
Yellow Shard x7

TM 07 Hail
TM 37 Sandstorm

These items below aren't free... :( but I'll trade them for a Rare Candy or Master Ball.

Amulet Coin
Dusk Stone
Exp. Share x8
Metal Powder
Quick Powder
Razor Fang
Reaper Cloth
Shiny Stone

TM 38 Fire Blast

On the side note, these are some extra Pokemon I have... and I'm willing to trade them for a Masterball or a Rotom (that YOU can nickname)!
Elekid (Leer, Cross Chop, Fire Punch, Ice Punch)
Shuckle (Sandstorm, Toxic, Double Team, Rest)

My FC: 3262 1535 6039

Use this form:
FC: 3137 2446 8226

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