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Default Re: The Not so stupid trade!

I have legit (er I'm pretty sure it is, it's hard to tell because it's from Hoenn) Shiny Jolteon. I have the other two Shiny Eevolutions you want too, but they're not females =/

What shinies do you have??

and I have these other legit shinies if you're interested:
*Japanese Mew lvl 100
*Whismur named Shimmer lvl 6
*Ponyta named Blue lvl 23
*Ninetales named Fire lvl 44
*Aggron lvl 42
*Linoone lvl 27
*Nidoking lvl 53
*Camerupt lvl 55
*Gallade lvl 100
*Gyrados lvl 27
*Starly lvl 16
*Zubat lvl 15
*Roserade lvl 29
*Eevee lvl 5
*Flareon lvl 5
*Vaporeon lvl 5
*Leafeon lvl 6
*Glaceon lvl 8
*Bidoof lvl 2
*Golem lvl 63
*Deoxys lvl 35
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