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Default Re: is paul going to be in the next season?

Originally Posted by Calypso View Post
I doubt it. Honestly, I can see his last appearance being around the Sinnoh League, where Ash will inevitably defeat him, and prove that his training methods are superior, whereas Pauls will to be portrayed as generally immoral.

He may appear in the filler saga, but not in the next region.
Filler saga? The whole Pokemon anime is filler.

Like I said a long time ago, they are going to go to Johto because of the new remakes like they did with the Kanto remakes.

I hope the new girl won't be the girl in HG/SS. She just looks stupid. Don't they have to be hot? Like Misty/May/Dawn. =P

ANYWAYS...I think Paul will be like Drew and only make small appearances, he's not Gary.
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