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Default Re: is paul going to be in the next season?

Originally Posted by Soda View Post
Filler saga? The whole Pokemon anime is filler.

Like I said a long time ago, they are going to go to Johto because of the new remakes like they did with the Kanto remakes.

I hope the new girl won't be the girl in HG/SS. She just looks stupid. Don't they have to be hot? Like Misty/May/Dawn. =P

ANYWAYS...I think Paul will be like Drew and only make small appearances, he's not Gary.
exactly... nobody's like Gary.

Though I hope to hear more of Drew/Solidad/Harley in the new Jotho saga, since apparently those three (and May) are roaming the land and winning contests. I'm not saying to make them staple characters, but an appearence once in a while as rivals to Dawn could be interesting. Not that she needs more rivals.
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