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New discovery on ??? Pokemon in the 7th movie !!!! Go here for full detail:

ANA is making a new Pokemon jet! At the tail they are putting Pikachu but, on the other end will be the NEW Pokemon!!! What are they up to with only 2 Pokemon painted on the jet?? The new Poke is killing Pikachu!!! (Not exactly that way ). But after how many LONG years of ppl hating Pokemon all because of that, stupid, RAT! (Sorry to those who like him, but you probably like him cause ether your a girl or your community's not like mine! ). I can't believe it! Pika say bye bye!! And hello N00bie! Well...... That is if this new Poke is going to be cool like Charizard, Raichu, Zapdos, Mewtwo, Arcanine-(He'd then be my fav !), Dragonite..... or any of the other Pokemon Nintendo didn't give as much credit to as there fans think they should have gotten (thats saying a lot for Mewtwo, but it true!).
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