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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Discussion (Red/Blue/Time/Darkness)

Originally Posted by White Wolf of the Snow View Post
I <3 Dialga!

No, I absolutely HATE HIM.

First of all, what level is he?! I have a Charmander and Turtwig both at level 52 and I still haven't even come close to defeating him! Orbs don't work so I can't use a Silence Orb to prevent Roar of Time, and seeds work but the only one that is useful while fighting him is the Sleep Seed, which is rare and he wakes up right away!

So what I'm asking is: Any tips? What level is he? What level do I need to be?
Lol. I haven't got that far yet, but I have heard he's a freaking beast. I wish I could help, I've got no clue. I'll search yahoo answers shortly.

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