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Originally Posted by The Unreal Shadow Tracker View Post
based on this rule below. which no offense is kinda a bad rule the lmssi declines the po challange to war. the reason being we had a big membership change and there are a lot new people training.

You get 1 pass to decline a Challenge after every war, but you MUST accept the next challenge or it counts as a loss.
I really don't like this rule. My clan can't go to war right now, and is having a tourney to find out who the best battlers are and half of them or on vacation! I am too so I can't even battle. Now honestly, this rule is terrible and it's basicly treating us as if we play Pokemon 24/7. Teo really needs to think over this rule. And what's really the point in this rule anyways? If it's to stop clans from just declining every war invitation, then there's not much of a point in a rule. They'll just stay with 0 wins and losses. Really is this rule neccissary?

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