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Default Re: Spoiler alert!Ash vs. Paul was so LAME!

Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
Well guys, look at this way. Ash loses horribly now, and beats his ass 10x in the League or something. I won't be surprised if Monferno ends up beating 2-3 of Paul's Mons. xD
Yeah, Ash has been getting off too easy. Usually if his Pokemon evolves mid-battle, it becomes the Deus ex Machina, is that the correct term for 'instant solution'?

I actually think Ash's team will be fully evolved. Except for Pikachu and one of the starters probably. If he does that, than he can definetely win. And seeing the way Grotle slowly started to warm-up to itself in that battle, I'm pretty sure we'll see Ash's Torterra vs. Paul's Torterra in the Sinnoh League.

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