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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play

Logan Diaz
Team Aqua
Cyral, Arabasta

Judging from what kind of intel the UAV scan was giving us, Target Alpha’s compatriots were never going to be able to assist with our new forces obtaining a grip on the city, widening the gap between Target Alpha and the other resistance forces. Regardless, if Operative Pie, AKA Colonel Scott Mako, went down from biting off more than he could chew, Target Alpha would still never get out alive. Renegade 5 was still locked on him, and wasn’t letting go until we were certain Target Alpha went down.

In the meantime, the streets hadn’t become any less chaotic. Once we got back into the firefight, it became more of a matter of systematically working other the other T90 tanks and the Hind-Ds to take out the M1A1 Abrams that the enemy resistance was using, not to mention their Bradley Linebacker AAs, stopping them from taking out the Hinds. When the Hind-Ds were able to strike fast enough, it didn’t matter, but if they were a distance away, the Linebackers would have the advantage. Already, we lost three Hind-Ds because of that, but as long as we made up for that fault, I knew we wouldn’t lose a fourth.

Distance in the streets was critical, simply because a soldier trying to take out enemy Pokémon at close range was usually suicide. When the riflemen went to clear out the buildings, we knew Pokémon were still vulnerable to flash bangs and stun grenades, the perfect way to render them helpless while our riflemen went in and eliminated everyone in the building. Otherwise, we’d be getting a face full of Flamethrowers and Thunderbolts, usually instantly lethal. Other Pokémon that were resistant to bullets, like Golem and Onyx, needed to be hit with a tank shell or RPG to take them out, or at least by a Pokémon of ours with water, ice, ground, or grass attacks. Regardless, the only way they would be effective against humans was to be close range. Like people, their accuracy fell with distance, and they didn’t have scopes or targeting technology to assist with the aiming of their attacks.

Because of this, snipers and other long-range weaponry was essential. Pokémon were far superior at short-range combat, but long range, they needed to depend on the weapons of their human compatriots. Earthquakes and Fire Blasts could wipe out a tank, but only if the Pokémon shooting them off could get close enough. With supporting fire from all directions, we made sure the enemy would be rushing off to suicide if they attempted that.

Our T90 came across one Linebacker attempting to target one of our Hinds. There were still plenty of resistance infantry soldiers around them, but we needed to take this shot while that Hind was still alive. Once that Linebacker was locked on the Hind, it wouldn’t take every much to fire off the heat-seeking rockets to wipe the entire thing out. Once the T90 driver confirmed the target, the gunner immediately fired, hitting the Linebacker viciously, causing several resistance soldiers to get hit by the blast and get thrown forward. Not all of them got back up either.

Another firefight ensured, the gunner stationed at the M603E let them have it, pounding them with round after round. Our own rifle men opened fire, using the shock of the ambush to quickly take the opportunity to take out as many as they could, and force the others into a defensive position with suppressing fire. Those that attempted to run into the open in search of another spot were taken out by the snipers that had stationed themselves on the other opposing end of the street. Many of them had very good vantage points, and were putting them to excellent use. If Target Alpha called for backup… he was never going to get it. Even if he did take out Operative Pie, there was no way he would be able to reach his own evac point, wherever the enemy had placed it.

Another killing round was launched into the Linebacker, causing the entire mobile AA unit to explode and be destroyed beyond repair. All that remained of it now was a smoldering husk, a bulky pike of flaming twisted metal. Our riflemen crept closer, keeping their Pokémon with them closely as they were on standby, just in case on of the resistance fighters attempted an ambush from their hidden defensive positions. I could tell, most people on our faction liked using water Pokémon, but I saw plenty of fire and electric types, outstanding close combat warriors when it came to this kind of warfare. If we ran out of flash bangs, an electric type Pokémon using Flash attack was a perfect substitute. The only drawback was it required the electric Pokémon to head into the fray to launch the attack, putting themselves at risk from the initial attack from the defenders. So, we used the fastest ones to ensure a lower mortality rate, ones like Jollteon, Electrode, and Raichu.

If the supporting solders around a tank got careless or were eliminated, fire Pokémon could wipe out the entire tank crew without even fully destroyed the armored vehicle. Flamethrower assaults sent in through the portholes or even down the length of the tank’s cannon filled the interior with fire, and when that happened, there was little chance of escape. Attempts to rush out of the flaming tank while the crew members were on fire usually only resulted in them burning to death when they hit the ground, or being shot by their enemies on the way out of the armored vehicle. It was a fast, lethal, and highly effective method to take one of them out, all the reason why tank crews demanded at they have supporting fire with them at all times. A lone tank without it was asking for trouble.

And while rock and ice type Pokémon could render a tank immobile, they were usually slower, making them easy targets for RPGs or assaults from Pokémon they had a weakness to. All of the other types had their own advantages in combat, with enough creativity on behalf of the training soldier, there were all kinds of possible traps and attacks they could devise.

Details on the naval base in Boin concluded that the construction and installation of equipment was almost done. Meanwhile, the AMS Deathwing was also making substantial progress with the installation of computers, and Project EQUINOX was also developing steadily. The exact details were pretty vague, but honestly, unless EQUINOX affected our operations directly, I had to set it aside.

Meanwhile, I was starting to hear what I thought were whispers that I had originally thought were other soldiers around me, until I realized this voice sounded nothing like any of them at all.

What…you…… if…

I figured it must have been something in my imagination, but over time, it seemed like it was becoming louder and clearer. What it meant exactly, I didn’t know. I still had a war to win, and truthfully, even though I was excellent at multitasking, the less distracted I was, the better.

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