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Default Re: MarshyMallow's Reffing Book

Rain Weather
No Items
No Terrain

Mauville City Gym

iReign vs. Metallic Houndoom

Ambipom, Tyranitar, Alakazam vs Rotom, Lanturn, Porygon-Z

Ambipom started out well out-predicting Rotom, but got unluckily PAR'd by Discharge so a Baton Pass to Tyranitar gave him the PAR, but he was CON'd. A luck roll hit Rotom with a Crunch and then Sandstorm KO'd it. Then Lanturn was sent who got an unlucky first roll for Hydro Pump, but T-tar was PAR'd anyway. Then Hydro Pump hit, but it took an EQ. One more H-Pump KO'd. Ambipom was sent, but a Surf killed it. Then Alakazam was sent. PSychic was enough to kill the Lanturn. P-Z was all that was left. Alakazam started with Calm Mind and P-Z Hyper Beamed, but missed. Alakazam then Psychic'd twice and P-Z could only hope for a lucky FRZ from Tri-Attack, but no dice.

iReign wins: Dynamo Badge, TM Shock Wave, 2000
Metallic Houndoom loses: 1000
Me refs: 1500

Salary: 4500
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