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Default Re: Trade


im interested in some of your shinies, but first lemme tell you what i have to offer.

i can give you:

an aipom
a larvitar
a piplup
a croagunk
another chimchar, if you still want one
a spiritomb
a sneasel
a rotom
an eevee
a cranidos
a ditto O_o
a doduo with pokerus
a gligar with baton pass, swords dance and agility
a level 100, ev trained probopass (impish nature, its made to be a physical wall)
an armaldo

those are all i can give you right now.

now heres what im interested in:

your shiny bronzong (bold nature please)
your shiny geodude (impish nature please)
your shiny abomasnow (jolly nature please)

if you see something that youre willing to trade one of those three shinies for, please either PM me or post here saying what you want.

it would be great if you asked for something on the list, but i can breed some pokemon too if you want (like riolu, tyrogue, beldum, yanma, feebas, etc)

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Im giving up on pe2k. moving on to smogon. maybe back later, not likely.
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