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Originally Posted by Verystrait42 View Post
Jayfizz, if you really are getting better then it won't be the same 5 people anyway. If it is, then you need to try harder at training. This rule just kills the clans that weren't already full. As night fire said, this forum isn't well populated enough to do that. All the good ative members are already in clans. Teo, can we have a vote on this rule?

Originally Posted by Night Fire View Post
This forum in general is not popular enough to do that. The forum is great but there's not enough people to kick out members and just have people waiting in line to join.

Originally Posted by MikeyTheYoshi View Post
I don't understand why the rules can't just be the same as before. Everybody was happy, why'd you have to change them? :I

I hate this rule, it dosnt make any sense, there just aren't enough members to do this and wars will move very slowly. Now you also need 10 members to be a clan instead or 5. I really don't mind the rule where if you challenge again you cant decline because that allows more wars which I am fine with.
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