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Default Re: The Clan Index

Please specify the exact rules the lot of you do have problems with and state why you have problems with them.

Edit: I've adjusted rule 5 just a bit. Meaning, it doesn't affect your win loss ratio. It just deducts points and affects your standings on the over all ranking list. So in other words. That IS a penalty for dodging challenges.

Rule 1 states "At least 5 Members from each clan must be able to participate." What I mean by this is, if some of your members are on vacation, or don't currently have access to Wi-fi and you simply don't have enough active members to hold a War. The challenge that was sent to you becomes void. Due to the fact you don't fall under the criteria to have a war.

Rul 8 states "Whether you win or lose a war, you MUST have at least 5 different battlers participating in the next one." My reasoning for implementing this is not only to stop the more well off clans from constantly using their best battlers to gain quick win in a war and have it ended. It allows you to have some newer members experience a competitive battle first hand.

To further elaborate on this. It adds real strategy to having Wars. Not only do match up's play a part in Wars, but having to worry about the next challenge at hand.


War between Clan A and B is taking Place.
Clan A sends in 2 of their best battlers, Clan B sends in their 5 top battlers
Clan B win's 3-2
Clan B is then Challenged by Clan X (Considering they've just used their best battlers in the previous War they are more than likely to lose.)
Clan B Declines Challenge
Clan Z Then Challenges Clan B, (Clan B accepts believing they have the upper hand even with out their best battlers.)
Clan Z wins 4-1

My thought process behind these rules was not only to think about the challenge at hand, but to think about those that may be challenging you in the future. On top of that, it means bigger Wars. Since you only have to change 5 battlers, you could have a 7v7 War, 9v9! Meaning you're still following the rules, and it allows for more points to be on the line! :o! MORE POINTS?!

Yes, I said more points, the bigger the wars, the more points you gain for winning. 7v7 = 2, 9v9 = 3, 11v11 = 4, 13 v 13 = 5.

I digress though, the BIGGEST reason why I've added these rules, is so that the Battling Center gains more activity. I was honestly annoyed by the fact that clans who were able to battle would decline constantly, due to them not wanting to mess up their Win / Lose Ratio. The fact that they didn't want to lose, the fact they believed they couldn't win. All this lead to much less activity and a lack of war's going on.

Not only do more battles against a variety of other people help people out, it also keeps this place more active! So, it really is a win win situation!

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