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Default Re: [Whatever At Rotom's] URPG Section

2 on 2 doubles
No Items/Held
No Weather/Terrain

Marth(Team Aqua): Swampert, Infernape[Swapped]
The Jr Trainer(Team Aqua): Slowbro, Infernape[Swapped]

Moon Master(Rocket): Kangaskhan, Exeggutor[Swapped]
Soda(Rocket): Weavile, Infernape[Swapped]

This was fun. Lots of Fake Outs and Earthquake hijinks. Aqua broke away with well coordinated protects and EQs, along with a CC on Kangaskhan. Once Swampert got up a sub, Weavile stood no chance to Focus Punch.

Jr and Marth win and get 1500 +1 and point for Aqua
Soda and MM lose and get 750 -1

I ref and should get 2,000

WAR Salary: 8,000

PiEaNdChIpS678 (10:48:49 PM): I found one
Mikey94028 (10:49:14 PM): is that
Mikey94028 (10:49:17 PM): who I think it is
husnainisme (10:49:25 PM): wailord
Mikey94028 (10:49:29 PM): o
Mikey94028 (10:49:34 PM): I thought it was dead
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