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Default Re: [Whatever At Rotom's] URPG Section

No Items/Held
No Weather/Terrain

Moon Master(Rocket): Infernape, Salamence, Swampert[Swapped]
BryceBAM(OAA): Arcanine, Miltank, Gliscor[Swapped]

Some cool stuff happened, Bryce could have won if MM didn't change his move from Close Combat to sub in the end. Bryce forfeited from there. GG.

MM wins and gets 1500 +1 and point for Rocket
Bryce loses and gets 750 -1

I ref and should get 1,500

WAR Salary: 9,500

PiEaNdChIpS678 (10:48:49 PM): I found one
Mikey94028 (10:49:14 PM): is that
Mikey94028 (10:49:17 PM): who I think it is
husnainisme (10:49:25 PM): wailord
Mikey94028 (10:49:29 PM): o
Mikey94028 (10:49:34 PM): I thought it was dead
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