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Default Re: Trade

awesome! more shinies!

alright, sam. id like to trade again please!

id like the shiny magikarp, a shiny pikachu and a shiny squirtle please!

ok, lesse what i have to offer...

these are new:

- a modest chatot
- a quiet poiltoed (already EV'd, great IVs and its hidden power type is dragon [hidden power not taught to it])
- an impish glaceon
- either a bibarel, doduo or croagunk with pokerus
- baby male larvitar with EQ and stone edge (great for breeding)
- baby murkrow
- male pikachu with shock wave, brick break, thunder wave and t-bolt
- everything i mentioned before
- and then theres this level 100 heracross that i dont want anymore... its legit, but its not ev trained. its good if you want to take out the E4 quickly and easily.

lemme know what youre interested in!

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Im giving up on pe2k. moving on to smogon. maybe back later, not likely.
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