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Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
Don't have a PS3, otherwise I would have gotten Killzone 2 for sure. I could look into Bad Company though. I liked BF2 back in its glory days, though it was a bit glitchy. But for under $20 (Gold doesn't seem worth it), its almost a steal. CoD4 is fun, but you miss blowing up tanks and taking out a whole team of players in a Black Hawk. I like vehicles, as long as people don't spawn camp with them.

Pretty much played CoD4 and BF2 to death. Never played Far Cry 2, but my brother has played it and he's given it mixed reviews. Left 4 Dead I've pretty much played through, Same with UT, I loved 2004, but UT3 was not that great. As for the Orange Box, I've plowed through Half Life 2 already, so I would pretty much only be getting that for Team Fortress 2 and Portal. TF2 looks good, but it just seems to be more on the comical side rather than the hardcore and gritty realism action I honestly prefer.

I think I'll give BF:BC a shot. Thanks, guys.
You should enjoy BF:BC, it's a solid tongue-in-cheek FPS with some great destruction and tons of action.

As for a PS3, I would recommend Resistance: Fall Of Man and Resistance 2 if you were to pick it up. Fantastic exclusive FPS's to go alongside Killzone 2.

Don't even think about Haze.