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Default Re: Crappy Reffing

No Items
No Helds
Normal Terrian
Normal Weather
All Hit-Moves-Hit-All
No Sleep Moves
No Destiny Bond
No Perish Song

BryceBAM with Ludicolo
Brizer with Snorlax
Moon Master with Gliscor
Reign-of-Dreams with Slowking
-PK with Metagross
Shadow Link with Jolteon
State Alchemist Patrick with Acranine
Medz with Persian
Cookies with Gyarados


Cookies comes in 9th, gets 1000
Medz comes in 8th, gets 1000
Patrick comes in 7th, gets 1000
Shaun comes in 6th, gets 1500
PK comes in 5th, gets 2000
Rod comes in 4th, gets 2500
Moon Master comes in 3rd, gets 3000
Brizer comes in 2nd, gets 3500
Bryce comes in 1st, gets 4000

I get 4500 for reffing

Salary: $7,500

^ Anastasia-R ^
Current VPP: Palkia > Level 100: 6987
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