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Default Storm [NWC]


“I’m in!” The mysterious figure spoke into the headset.

“Good!” A muffled voice spoke from the other end. “Look to your left, you should see a large metal door. It’s locked.” The figure was dressed in complete black and wore a balaclava. He turned his head and quietly jogged up to the door. “Now enter the code into the lock next to you.” The figure saw a high tech device, fixed into the wall. It was flashing with bright red and blue lights. There were nine panels each with a number on them. “Look in your back pocket. There should be a small piece of paper. It contains the number sequence." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a scrunched up piece of paper. He unfolded it and read the code. 275907476. Looking around cautiously, he entered the nine digit password.

The huge metallic door hissed loudly as it revealed what was inside. “Hurry, someone will have heard!” He quickly ran through the door into the room. It was full of shelves, lined with red and balls. There was a massive glass sheet protecting the Pokeballs from being taken. He heard barking coming from the corridors. “Get as many as you can, hurry!” The unidentified man swung his fist at the glass. It shattered a large hole in the sheet, setting the alarm off. He swept as many Pokeballs as he could off of the shelves into a small backpack. He turned his head only to see two guards with Mightyena’s sprinting towards him.

He cursed and pulled a ball from the pouch. He threw it, hoping for something good to emerge. A red beam of light shot out from the ball stopping the Mightyena in their tracks. A large metal creature was formed by the red light. It had two long, pointed horns. It was coated with steel armour all over and had glaring blue eyes.

“AGGRON!” the Pokemon roared, intimidating the Mightyena. The two Mightyena growled back at the metal monster threateningly.

The thief smirked as he spoke, “Destroy them!”

“Mightyena quick, use Fire Fang!” one of the guards yelled. One of the Mightyena opened its jaws revealing sets of sharp teeth. Suddenly the wolf-like Pokemons teeth were engulfed by flames. Fangs ablaze it launched itself at the Aggron. Aggron was far too slow to dodge a Mightyenas attack. It clamped itself around the Aggrons neck. The enraged Aggron screamed in pain. Angrily it grabbed hold of the Mightyena and threw it forcefully. The Mightyena yelped as it landed, leaving a blood stain behind on the wall it had hit. “Mightyena, no!” the guard who had commanded the Mightyena ran over to the unconscious Pokemon.

The other Mightyena started barking loudly at the Aggron. Without warning it ran at Aggron. It leapt into the air and extended its razor sharp claws. It scratched Aggron straight across the face, leaving three blood red gashes. Aggrons eye began to ooze blood enraging the Pokemon further. It ran at the Mightyena lowering its head. The Mightyena was reluctant to move and the guard jumped in front of it. Trembling with fear the guard watched as Aggron raised its fist and sent him flying into the other guard with the injured Mightyena, knocking them both to the floor. Mightyena growled at the rampaging Aggron who was still charging straight at it. Mightyena jumped towards Aggron hoping to get revenge on what had happened to its friends. Mightyena howled in pain as it was impaled on Aggrons long steel horns. The Aggron swung its head wildly throwing the limp Pokemon off of it. The Mightyena had two gaping holes in its chest; an unstoppable amount of blood erupting from them. It lay there, still.

Crackling was the only sound that could be heard coming from the other end of the headset. Aggron, still crazed, began to run again. It wasn’t running at anything in particular. It headed straight for the metal walls. It collided with them, but Aggrons power was far too strong. The wall broke into a million pieces, and Aggron charged off to the outside world. Making sure he didn’t drop any Pokeballs, he ran after Aggron, getting an easy escape out of the building. Aggron had already charged off into the distance, too far away to get it back. He shrugged and dropped the Pokeball that had contained it and ran on.

“AAAHH!” the thief screamed as his leg started streaming with blood. He collapsed onto the muddy floor writhing in pain. Pokeballs scattered everywhere, rolling down ditches in the ground. He had been shot. Looking back he saw another guard, who had found the bodies, pointing a pistol out in front of him ready to shoot if he got back up. The thief picked up a rock and launched it in a different direction from where he laid, distracting the guard. He cringed as he used his remaining strength to stumble down the hill before him. The guard yelled something and fired several bullets. Dirt sprayed up from the ground near him as he fell down the hill, the bullets were missing him but he wouldn’t be able to keep it up for long.

“Z! Are you there?” A familiar voice crackled in from his headset.

“Yeah, where the hell are you! I’m gonna get killed.” He spoke in a strained voice. It was easy to tell he was in pain.

“Sorry, we lost signal. We’re heading there now,” the man replied in a steady tone. The headset crackled once more as the other end cut off. A few seconds later a jet black helicopter flew in above him. A long rope ladder was dropped down and the man began to climb it, cringing with every step he took. The guard who had been pursuing him appeared over the top of the hill and began shouting what sounded like swear words. He pointed the pistol at the injured thief who was still painfully trying to climb the ladder. He fired several rounds until he ran out of bullets, all of which missed. He threw the empty gun in the direction of the helicopter and started screaming curses at him. The helicopter turned and flew off into the distance as the thief made it to the top.

“Whoa, that was a close one,” said the familiar face helping the wounded thief into the helicopter.

“You could’ve come a bit earlier, and then this wouldn’t have happened,” he said pointing at his leg.

“Sorry about that. We had a few, uh, problems,” said the young man. “I’ll fix you up in a sec.” He stumbled off into the cockpit and began looking for something. Tom was his best friend. They had known each other since they were kids. He had scruffy blonde hair, bright blue eyes and wore the same black suit as Zack.

Zack had spiky brown hair and bright aquamarine coloured eyes. Tom and he had been such good friends; they even went into the same profession… Pokemon thieving. They didn’t work alone like bandits and such but were members of a team. Tom scurried back over to Zack carrying a roll of bandages. “This should do for now until we get back to base,” Tom said wrapping the bandage around the wound. Zack cringed as Tom secured the bandage. “So did you get the Pokeballs?”

“Yes,” Zack said slowly.

“Well where are they then?”

Zack paused for a moment before answering. “And no.”

“What do you mean yes and no?”

“Well if you had been quicker getting here it would never would have happened! It was when I got shot. I fell and dropped all the Pokeballs. I would’ve been killed if I had tried to pick them up.”

“Well you’re probably gonna be killed anyway when the boss finds out,” Tom said grimly.

“We’ll find out soon enough,” Zack replied.

About twenty minutes later they arrived at a small island. The helicopter descended onto a helipad on a tall building next to the crystal ocean. Tom helped Zack limp out of helicopter. As they walked slowly to the door it flew off into the distance. Tom placed his hand on a glowing green machine which lit up as he touched it. The metal doors slid open revealing a lift. As Tom and Zack entered, Zack noticed a security camera following the pair.

When the lift reached its destination the doors slid open. They stepped out into a large room that looked like an office. There was a huge golden S attached to the clean white wall. A man sat at the neat modern desk at the opposite end of the room. He had pale white skin and dark eyes. He looked quite old, in about his fifties, but he also looked in good shape for his age. “Welcome back,” said the man. Zack limped slowly towards the desk, Tom supporting him. “What happened here?” asked the man at the desk suspiciously.

“Well I kind of uh, umm… got shot?” Zack replied hesitatingly.

“Did you collect the Pokeballs?” demanded the man.

“I would have been killed if I had tried to retrieve them,” Zack spoke slowly and carefully.

The man stood up and slammed his cold, white fist onto the desk. “Dam it!” the man shouted. Tom and Zack flinched. “I thought I could count on you, a first class admin, to get the job done!”

Zack looked down avoiding eye contact. “I’m sorry, I had them for a second until I was sh-“

“I don’t want to hear your excuses!” the man shouted. “You’ve failed me!” The man reached over and tore off an S symbol that was similar to the one on the wall, only a different colour, off of Zack’s outfit. “As boss of Storm, I am stripping you of your rank as a 1st class admin. You will be down graded to a grunt.”

Zack stared at him hopelessly. “Get out of my sight!” said the boss. Zack and Tom turned around and headed for the lift.

Zack punched the wall of the lift as they were descending. He was enraged. “I think you should go and lie down,” Tom said cautiously.

“I need to go and get this effing thing out of my leg first.” Zack said aggressively. The doors opened and Zack stepped out.

“I’ll see you later,” Tom said.

“Okay.” The doors closed behind him leaving him in a room with a lot of complicated looking machines. A man in a white coat hurried over to Zack.

“Need any help there?” the doctor asked. He could see that Zack was in pain.

“Yeah could you get this bullet out of my leg,” Zack said unravelling the bandage around his leg.

“Come here,” the doctor said gesturing Zack to a stretcher. Zack hopped onto the stretcher and lay down. “Alakazam come over here,” said the doctor calling over a Pokemon by one of the medical machines.

“Kazam?” The yellow and brown Pokemon came over and stood next to him. Alakazam had a long, golden moustache that brushed against Zack’s face and clutched two silver spoons tightly in each hand.

“Do you think you could get this bullet out of his leg?” said the doctor gesturing at Zack. Alakazam peered over into Zack’s wound. The psychic Pokemon closed its eyes. A mystical purple aura appeared around Alakazam. Zack’s leg wound began to glow. He cringed as he felt the metal chunk slowly make its way back out of his leg. The bullet came out and was suspended in the air. Alakazam opened its eyes and it dropped to the floor, purple aura vanishing.

“Thanks,” Zack said.

“Kazam,” the Pokemon nodded and walked back over to the machine it was at.

The doctor took a small vial from one of the shelves. “Hold still. This’ll probably sting.” He sprayed a clear substance onto Zack’s wound. He flinched slightly as he felt a stabbing pain sear through his entire body. The doctor put down the vial and took a clean roll of bandage from a shelf. He unravelled it and wrapped it around Zack’s leg. “There, you should be up and back to your missions in about a week.

“Thanks for your help,” Zack said hopping off of the stretcher. A limped over to the lift and tapped the button. The doors slid open. “Thanks Alakazam,” Zack said stepping into the elevator.

“Kazam!” Alakazam smiled.

“Any time,” said the doctor.

A few minutes later Zack arrived back at his room on tenth floor. Although he had been ranked down, he was still allowed to sleep in the Admins dorm until he had his stuff moved downstairs. Zack collapsed on his springy bed and gazed up at the ceiling. Thoughts were racing through his mind. Why did I get moved down? Will I ever get moved back up? When will my next assignment be? All the questions began to make his head hurt so he flicked off the glowing lamp next to his bed and went to sleep.

“Vile, vile, vile!” Zack rolled around in his bed covers. “Wea, vile, wea, vile!” He groaned loudly and yawned. As he came to he saw a small Pokemon nudging him awake. The dark grey Pokemon was punching him in the arm softly trying to get Zack’s attention. It had long red feathers on various parts of its body and had a golden gem on its forehead. It had large eyes that were staring directly into Zack’s and had long, razor sharp claws.

“Get off,” Zack groaned as he sat up in the bed. The Weavile quickly jumped off of the bed covers and sniggered. Zack leant over to check the time on a small clock next to his lamp. “What!” Zack shouted out loud. It was already 9:30 and he hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet. He quickly jumped out of the bed forgetting about his bullet wound. He collapsed to the floor quickly in pain. The Weavile sniggered again, leaping onto the bed. This reminded him getting demoted which changed his mood instantly. He took off the bandage to see how he was doing. The wound was already looking better. He wrapped the bandage back around his leg and carefully got up.

Seeing as he was already late, and he didn’t want to get into more trouble, he quickly got ready. He knew he wouldn’t have any missions today but he needed to move his stuff downstairs into the grunts dorm.

Weavile was Zack’s first Pokemon. He obtained as a gift when it was a tiny baby Sneasel. Zack wished he had taken Weavile with him on the mission, and then maybe things would’ve turned out differently instead of relying on crazy metal monsters. But then again it could’ve turned out worse. Zack pocketed a handful of Pokeballs that were on his bedside table. These contained his other Pokemon that he had collected throughout his life.

Zack grabbed a suitcase and limped over to the lift. Weavile followed and looked at him, confused. “It’s a long story,” Zack said, hoping he wouldn’t have to explain his failure to the Pokemon. Weavile ran ahead into the lift. When Zack finally reached it he pressed a button to go down to fifth floor. He didn’t bother going to anywhere to ask where to move. He knew he had to go here anyway; after all he had been there thousands of times before when he used to be a grunt.

The grunts dorm was like a dump compared to the admins rooms. The dingy lights flickered and he could see loose springs poking out of the beds. All the grunts had to sleep in the same room. The admins got to have one big suite to them each. Zack could see a bed had been readied for him. It had nothing by it and had an empty bedside table, covered in dust. He threw his bags onto the bed. He didn’t have all his stuff but he would go back for it later. There were no other grunts around because it was quite late. Zack exited the dorm and took the lift downstairs.

Credit to EmBreon

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