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Default Re: The best nature for these pokemon's moveset?

Originally Posted by wade333 View Post
What would be a good nature for a

Dragonite that knows-thunderbolt,dragon claw,earthquake,ice beam

a metagross-meteor mash,earthquake,sludge bomb,psychic

milotic-recover,hydro pump,ice beam,toxic

Raichu-thunderbolt,brick break,dig,thunder wave

walrein-hail,blizzard,ice beam,surf

Charizard-fire blast,flamethrower,dragon claw,fly

What's the best nature for each of these pokemon with the moveset they have. Please i need to know in order to be at my best for the battle frontier in emerald.
I think if u'r that far, it's too late 2 ask what nature they should be, since u can't really do anything about it

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