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Default Re: The best nature for these pokemon's moveset?

Originally Posted by wade333 View Post
What would be a good nature for a

Dragonite that knows-thunderbolt,dragon claw,earthquake,ice beam

a metagross-meteor mash,earthquake,sludge bomb,psychic

milotic-recover,hydro pump,ice beam,toxic

Raichu-thunderbolt,brick break,dig,thunder wave

walrein-hail,blizzard,ice beam,surf

Charizard-fire blast,flamethrower,dragon claw,fly

What's the best nature for each of these pokemon with the moveset they have. Please i need to know in order to be at my best for the battle frontier in emerald.
Rash for the Dragonite - Its Sp.Atk stat is lacking a little oomp beside its Attack stat, so a +Sp. Atk nature it is. Sp.Def is the one stat MixNite would prefer to lose, so yeah.
Naughty for Metagross - Even though this thing is a MixGross, it doesn't need a positive nature in Sp.Atk to succeed - a fairly large portion of EVs should do the job so you can spend the nature on its Attack so Metagross can wreak havoc with Meteor Mash at will.
Bold for Milotic - It looks like you're mostly trying to accomplish stall with this, so heighten Milotic's low Defense.
Naughty for the Raichu - Two Physical attacks, none with STAB - sounds like you're going to need some major attack boosts, especially since Raichu's beginning Attack stat is poor. At least Thunderbolt has STAB. I recommend pouring some EVs into the Sp.Atk stat.
Modest for the Walrein - An offensive Walrein? Meh, I don't really approve of it, but I suggest the Modest nature if you do use it - Walrein needs that Sp.Atk boost bad if it's going to be used mostly offensively.
Naughty for the Charizard - His Attack needs the boost more than his formidable Speed or his Sp.Atk stat, so give it Naughty.

I don't approve of your movesets, but meh. :|
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